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ITAM Program Transformation

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A well-designed ITAM Framework, aligned with ISO/IEC 19770-1, lays the foundation to ensure people, processes & operations in IT Asset Management come together to drive agile forecasting, eliminate waste, and enable strategic business outcomes.

Building a structured approach ITAM Program Transformation

Risk Mitigation: Let’s get proactive. Understand financial, legal, security and reputational risks. Create robust policies that provide context of importance, allowing employees and stakeholders to act accordingly.

Cost Optimization: Manage and forecast IT spend based on accurate, trustworthy data. Plan ahead to avoid costly mistakes for the business and ensure the best commercial and contractual agreements with publishers and service providers.

Sustainable Lifecycle Management: Develop a governance strategy with a steering committee to provide a repeatable flow from input to feedback to maintain strategic alignment and control throughout the lifecycle of all IT investments.

Four steps to excellence

Define the outcomes and benchmark the current state for your ITAM Program for stakeholder buy-in and alignment

Anglepoint’s ITAM Transformation program will assist organizations in defining key program objectives, approaches to managing data and success criteria, then set out a clear plan of component parts for building a governance framework, including policy, process and stakeholder engagement. Building a clear, supported Governance Framework aligned to ISO/IEC 19770-1 is critical to ensure the success of the overall ITAM Function.

Create a framework for success

We take you through each step in designing your program with a focus on driving stakeholder value through engagement, and augmenting your hard work.. In this process, we will help you define guiding principles for a governance framework, policies and KPIs, and a playbook. You will learn to define and overcome data gaps and develop documented processes with a clear view for stakeholder reporting and delivery strategies.

Delivering value from your ITAM roadmap

Once fully designed, we transform your approach, leveraging the designed governance framework of clear roles and approach supported by documentation, training and methodology to effectively engage with your organization to achieve effective and efficient ITAM excellence.

Maintaining ongoing value from Program Management Process & Governance

Once your program is implemented, we will continue to mature key process areas based on industry standards and highlight program strengths, weaknesses, and areas of risk and opportunity. We will develop a healthy cadence of two-way communication for improvement over time. We do this through staying connected to stakeholders with strategy and roadmap workshops, as well as governance design, stakeholder trending analyses of key data points, and facilitated stakeholder steering committees.

The Next Step

Learn how to operationalize your ITAM Program with our ITAM Program Operations Service to create long-term success.

What our clients are saying.

“We consider Anglepoint a trusted, strategic partner as they have been contracted to assist us with software compliance as well as implementation of both a hardware and software asset management program. The engagement yielded high value results in under six months from the point of SOW signing. Their team members are reliable, reasonable, personable, passionate and always professional. Their ability to deliver on their services is the best in the industry—bar none. As a company with a relatively new ITAM practice, we know that we don’t have to fight any challenge alone with them by our side.”

– Project and Portfolio Manager, Finance Industry Firm