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SAM Managed Services delivered faster and with more accuracy than ever before.

Intelligent automation that enables Anglepoint to deliver fast and accurate services for our clients.

Elevate’s Mission Statement: Elevate is Anglepoint’s proprietary SAM project management, data processing, and automation hub. It equips our consultants with the tools and automation to efficiently and consistently analyze and report on client data. Elevate provides a reliable and uniform process for collaboration between Anglepoint clients and consultants by offering a central location for engagement information, project progress, and data transfer.

Anglepoint uses Elevate to:Clients use Elevate to:
Automate complex processes and prepare quality and uniform deliverables.Understand the status of your engagement with Anglepoint.
Maintain libraries of workflow breakdown structure, scripts, and IP.Upload data to tasks in projects created by the Anglepoint team.
Combine automated intelligence with consultant expertise to enable advanced delivery capabilities.Use API connectors to port your SAM Tool data directly into Elevate.
Manage multiple complex SAM Service Delivery projects at scale.Gain a greater return on your investment with Anglepoint.

What Elevate offers:

Better Communication

Elevate provides a safe and secure project management platform through which all communication can be exchanged and stored. Anglepoint’s consultants and clients can share content, files, and information in one central location, cutting out paperwork and removing the need for endless email traffic, video calls, and meetings. Elevate provides clients with clear visibility of their engagement with Anglepoint and details timelines, statuses, and outstanding actions. Elevate streamlines Anglepoint's services and enables greater and quicker ROI for clients.

Advanced Automation

Elevate's automated workflows, content libraries, and algorithms allow our team members to spend more time on what cannot be automated—human interaction and individually catered delivery services.

The project management portion of Elevate serves as the means of accessing dozens of process automations and machine learning pipelines developed in-house. Tasks that would normally take large amounts of time and manual effort are delivered in a fraction of the time. The in-house mapping systems grow and become more accurate with every upload, consistently increasing the speed and accuracy with which Anglepoint can deliver.

SAM Tool Integrations

Elevate offers direct integrations with ServiceNow, ILMT, BigFix, and Salesforce for close to real-time SAM data analysis, and also provides scripts and instructions for integration with many other tools and environments. These integrations allow Anglepoint to collect and analyze client environment data quickly and efficiently. Elevate's vast content libraries enable fast and accurate bundling, and its post-integration processing provides close to real-time insight into client environments following proactive remediation.

Security Best Practices

Elevate is hosted by SOC 2 certified Azure, meets ISO 27001 standards, and passes a yearly external penetration test and security audit from multiple companies. Client data is stored in its own client-specific individual database providing a centralized, secure data exchange and repository. Multi-tenant SSO is available on an individual or organizational level. Two-factor authentication can be set up using an authenticator app or email, and can be enforced for the entire client organization.

Tailored to your environment.

Elevate offers expert license management assistance across all of the top publishers, including IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, and others.

IBM software asset management
oracle software asset management
IBM software asset management
SAP license management consulting