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Certified Training

Anglepoint’s Training Academy delivers a set of training courses and systems designed to ensure your staff derive maximum benefit and can quickly translate learnings into value for your organization.

Anglepoint is now offering FinOps Certified Practitioner Training.

Anglepoint Academy

Our curriculum ranges from broad topics such as how to approach and establish an ITAM or SAM Program, to more focused trainings on FinOps, publisher licensing and contracts, or specific technology platforms like Mainframe.  Our courses are taught by thought leaders in the industry; we are also a fully accredited training partner of IAITAM and offer a full range of their certification courses.

FinOps and ITAM Certifications

IAITAM industry certifications are a benchmark for the IT Asset Management industry.  IAITAM has served to develop and evangelize the principles of IT Asset Management since its creation in 2002.  As a fully accredited training partner, we offer the full range of official IAITAM certification courses. As of 2024, Anglepoint extends its offerings to include FinOps training, now recognized by the FinOps Foundation as a FinOps Certified training provider.

Industry-leading Instructors

Our instructors bring with them a wealth of industry knowledge and practical application of ITAM concepts, having spent on average 10 years or more as ITAM Practitioners.  Anglepoint is therefore uniquely positioned to ensure that you are well positioned to attain your IAITAM certifications, but also to apply the course material to your day-to-day on the job challenges.

Specialized and Custom Training

We offer a tailored approach to training designed to focus on the pain points unique to your organization.  Not only do we deliver trainings on very targeted topics, but also larger, more broad concepts in ITAM.  Let our industry leading experts help you develop a custom training course by first asking the right questions and tailoring a solution and approach that will fit your unique organizational needs.

Our Courses

FinOps Certified Practitioner Training

Our 1-day interactive FinOps Practitioner training, certified by The FinOps Foundation, where participants will gain expertise in FinOps and its application to your company’s strategy and KPIs. Led by certified FinOps instructors, you will engage in group discussions tailored to address your unique business needs.

Learn essential FinOps principles, explore FinOps Domains, and grasp maturity levels (Walk, Crawl, Run). By course end, participants can define their organization’s FinOps next steps and prioritize actions effectively.

SAM & ITAM Program Management

An effective IT program requires a strong foundation of planning effectively-communicated policies and procedures which are enforced and monitored along with trust-worthy data metrics centered around the organization’s compliance. Our experienced IAITAM trainers will lead you in discussions on how organizations should define and establish program objectives, success criteria, policies, and the 12 IAITAM Key Process Areas.

We will show you how to document and guide your program’s development, whether in-house or working with SAM Managed Service organizations, with the goal of measurable success and value (including quantifiable cost savings) to achieve continuous improvement and to help integrate SAM strategies into business objectives and business requirements into your program.

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Publisher Licenses & Contracts

Fundamental to any SAM initiative is the ability to “count and count well.” Many SAM solutions only compare discovered inventory and purchasing data but don’t consider the licensing rules or contract terms which measure true compliance. Anglepoint has extensive experience with publishers and their software products, licenses, and contracts.

By attending our Software License Agreement Masterclass, you will learn not only the fundamentals but how to develop true auditor-level accuracy in your organizations’ s compliance position. You will learn publisher specific software license types, agreements, and counting methodologies. Our training reveals the largest risks and liabilities and provides actionable recommendations along with possible optimizations (infrastructure, contract, license). Take your SAM program to the next level by signing up now for an Anglepoint led class today! (Certification exam by IBSMA).

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IT Computer Operations

Our curriculum encompasses enterprise-wide IT platforms including Z systems, Networking, Cloud Computing, and the many flavors of UNIX. While we offer an extensive course list, we continue to expand our course offerings regularly to meet the demands of our clients. We often tailor the curriculum to meet the unique needs of our clients.

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IAITAM Certifications

Certified Hardware Asset Management Pro

Designed to address the numerous issues plaguing professionals in managing hardware assets, the IAITAM Certified Hardware Asset Management Professional (CHAMP) Course follows the lifecycle of IT hardware assets beyond the scope of the cradle to grave analogy and discusses the business practices that can best be used to manage those assets efficiently and cost-effectively. Emphasis is placed on identifying the policies that enhance lifecycle management. In general, policies are only effective if developed by a cross-section of the impacted departments, are reviewed frequently to remain current and are consistently communicated and enforced.

Certified Mobile Asset Manager

The IAITAM Certified Mobile Asset Manager (CMAM) course prepares individuals and organizations responsible for the management of mobile devices. Proliferation of mobile devices within the enterprise, whether corporate-owned or BYOD-based, has brought a complexity to ITAM never before seen in IT environments. The course will prepare individuals with the knowledge to manage personnel, policies and processes, the key elements in organizational IT management. This course encompasses both organizational owned assets as well as BYOD (employee-owned).

Certified Software Asset Manager

During this course, you will learn best practices in Software Asset Management, the “when” and “why” to question whether something should or shouldn’t be done, how to clearly identify goals and how to quantify success with metrics. Software Asset Management (SAM) is the set of business practices that support the use of software within an organization and frequently involves a new view on how and why software traverses throughout the organization. SAM is currently considered a necessary business function by many organizations who view Software Asset Managers as key contributors to their overall organizational success.

Certified IT Asset Disposition

Best practices in IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) are broken down from policy management, data security to chain of custody transitioning. Attendees whose job responsibilities include ITAD will take away the knowledge of how to avoid risk of data loss and public exposure that surround a breakdown in ITAD process management. ITAD best practices, financial return, data security global implications and the importance of vendor management are just a few of the topics incorporated in the CITAD course.

Certified IT Asset Manager

This course addresses each of the Key Process Areas (KPAs) identified within the IBPL that, when combined, empowers an organization and maximizes the value of their IT assets. The course will also review the core processes that encompass the ITAM Program and the projects that will help an organization build a productive and profitable business unit.

Certified Asset Management Security Expert

This course exposes the attendee to new concepts as to how the ITAM program benefits and relates to security initiatives. IT asset lifecycle management is relevant for security initiatives as a critical IT base and provides the student with a means of working with and understanding the roles and responsibilities of those persons who will implement, manage and direct security initiatives for their organization.

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