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When it comes to managing software licensing, IBM is one of the toughest publishers out there. As one of only four IBM Authorized SAM Providers (IASP), we offer a unique understanding of the world of IBM licensing and a way to completely avoid IBM audits.

What makes managing your IBM estate so challenging?

  • IBM has complex and varied software license models with license terms that are frequently being updated.
  • IBM compliance audits disrupt the flow of business and often result in unbudgeted payments (learn how IASP can eliminate IBM audits).
  • IBM requires the use of an approved tool, like ILMT or Flexera One, to qualify for sub-capacity pricing.
  • IBM’s products can’t be fully measured by SAM tools and require a lot of manual data collection, interpretation, and measurement.
  • Product bundling complexities make calculating license consumption nearly impossible.
Exclusive IBM + IASP Webinar: Achieve IBM Audit Exemption

IBM just got a little more manageable.

Become audit proof.

As one of only four providers of IASP, our managed service allows you to proactively manage software to ensure continuous compliance.

Elevate the power of your SAM technology.

Integrating ILMT/BFI/ServiceNow with our Elevate® platform automates your license bundling, saves you time, and pushes approved changes back in via a secure API.

Build bench strength.

Our dedicated team of IBM experts, many of whom are former IBM auditors, are qualified to support you with any challenge.

Take on IBM challenges with automation and expertise.

Master IBM’s Sub-Capacity Licensing.
  • Save money and maintain compliance by leveraging our IBM sub-capacity licensing expertise.
  • Optimize your SAM technology
Create a unified view of what you actually own.

Our experts will help you:

  • Compile a comprehensive inventory of everything you own—contracts, amendments, purchase orders, and documentation.
  • Use this data to create an optimal strategy for license usage based on your entitlements.
  • Utilize your SAM technology as a single source of truth by uploading and configuring your entitlements.
Optimize your SAM technology for IBM.
  • Integrate with Elevate® to automate your licensing data, save time, and provide actionable insight to improve your IBM estate.
  • Leverage our SAM technology experience to work for you. Our team has helped thousands of organizations get the most from their SAM technology.
  • Setup and configure your SAM technology to give you the actionable reporting you need to make decisions.
Negotiate contracts from a position of knowledge and strength.
  • Prepare for the negotiation by gathering data from stakeholders, prioritizing outcomes and formulating your strategy.
  • Execute the negotiation. Based on your needs we can play an active or passive role when it’s time to negotiate.
  • Develop a playbook to guide future contract negotiation strategies.
Face audits with confidence with Software License Audit Support.
  • Understand your contractual obligations. Sometimes audits can be minimized or even dismissed entirely.
  • Get help from our team of ex-auditors to understand audit requests, manage responses, validate results, and achieve your optimal position​
  • Apply our tested methodology built with rich, publisher-specific knowledge and tailored to your needs

What our clients are saying.

We currently utilize Anglepoint for an IBM Managed Service. However, they did a fantastic job with that, and a few other items, such as supporting us in a major audit with another supplier, so we just signed a contract for them to manage our SAM environment. They understand the products and the vendor point-of-view on our estate. They also communicate very well, which I appreciate. Lastly, I trust them. They listen and they deliver.

– Procurement officer, Manufacturing firm