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ITAM Program Operations

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So you’ve assessed and clarified the key aims of your ITAM Program, what next? Often the biggest challenge is the transition from planning to making your program a day-to-day reality.Our IT Asset Management Program Operations service helps you execute a program that focuses on results and aligns with ISO/IEC 19770-1 best practices. A successful program will require stakeholder engagement at the core. This will involve their ownership to define and drive outcomes, and then be continuously informed, and able to manage risks and blockers proactively. Having the right resources armed with a repeatable framework to drive the implementation will ensure success. Standing up and running an effective ITAM program


Implement real ongoing tasks with owners to make transformation a reality. This should be aligned to published policy and Inform, Operate, and Optimize the lifecycle.


Perform measurement and monitoring of performance aligned to defined North Star metrics. Audit and review the effectiveness of tasks and activities.


Own ongoing improvement to the program so it delivers sustainable evolving value, including monitoring non-conformity, iterative improvements, and scope/ value definition adjustment.

Do, check, act

ITAM Program Operations
Four Areas of Excellence

Implementation and Management

Program operations and enablement for core processes.

  • Scope expectation and alignment
  • Tracking of program activities
  • Risks and blockers identified and managed proactively
  • Evolve to a more mature management system
  • Clear stakeholder responsibilities and engagement
  • Implementation and adoption of policy and process
  • Proactively reduce risk
  • Benefit realization from investment in design and policy creation

Software Inventory and Compliance Monitoring

Normalize data, manage and track license compliance.

  • Vendor and inventory quality assurance and visibility
  • Renewal calendar and defined activities to inform procurement to reduce software spend
  • Normalized entitlement mapped and uploaded in tooling
  • Adequately configured platforms and tools
  • Defined risk profiles and action paths
  • Risks identified and mitigated outside of software audits

Stakeholder Intelligence

Identify and track realizations of governance assurance, cost savings and risk avoidance.

  • Commercial and optimization realization trends
  • Program performance – savings, risk mitigation
  • Aligned Management System delivering regulatory assurance
  • Tangible reporting to leadership and stakeholders on existing risks and the value of the program
  • Stakeholder piece of mind and internal publicity

Verification and Compliance

Track KPIs, identify discrepancies and their root causes, policy failures and risks. Prioritize and execute mitigations and fixes.

  • Reduced software risk
  • Satisfied, informed stakeholders
  • Proactive audit response
  • Maintained risk register, actions owned and tracked
  • Clear escalation paths for policy/process non-adherence

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