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Oracle’s Verified SAM Partner Program: Opt-in and Optimize

In June 2023, Oracle launched its much anticipated Verified Software Asset Management (VSAM) Partner Program. Oracle Partners underwent rigorous training and certification before being authorized to offer the VSAM service to clients. The program is available as an opt-in offering to Oracle clients who are actively engaged with a recognized VSAM Partner.

What is the VSAM Partner Program?

The program is designed as a customer-centric initiative, empowering organizations to maximize ROI on their Oracle investments through proactive management of their Oracle license entitlements. It promotes a better working relationship with Oracle as Oracle customers build confidence in their purchasing and deployment decisions with a better understanding of Oracle’s software licensing requirements. The program is currently available for Oracle Database, Fusion Middleware, and E-business Suite products although Oracle may add more products in the future.

What are the Benefits of the VSAM Program?

This program is a great solution for all organizations with an appetite to optimize their Oracle estate. Working with a VSAM partner provides access to unique expertise with skills required to right-size your Oracle estate, remove unused licenses and identify strategies to help ensure Oracle deployments are correctly licensed. This effective management will help strengthen relationships with Oracle and remove the unknowns around licensing risk.

The program offers the following benefits:

  • Eligibility for audit exemption: After an initial license baseline has been delivered, the VSAM Partner applies for an exemption on behalf of the client. Once approved, this offers a 12-month reprieve from audits for Oracle products enrolled in the program.
  • Annual license baselines: As part of the program, clients are required to produce annual license baselines with their partner.
  • Optimized Oracle investments: The program provides opportunities to ensure optimal license allocation and maximize ROI on their Oracle investments.
  • Access to Oracle licensing expertise: Oracle VSAM Partners have been recognized by Oracle to assist clients with licensing methodologies that ensure optimal commercial and contractual agreements.

How Do I Join the VSAM Program?

Once you apply, you will have an active relationship with a verified VSAM Partner who will be helping manage your Oracle license estate. Once an agreement with a VSAM Partner is in place you can start the five-step process outlined here:

1. Voluntary Opt-in

This can be done at any time by indicating the desire to be part of the program and identifying the products you want to include (Database, Middleware, E-business Suite). Your managed service provider will provide Oracle with the entity or entities and programs that will be covered and Oracle will validate your participation in the program. You will then be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement that, if needed, allows Oracle to release confidential information (Order documents, agreements and license inventory data) to the managed service provider.

2. Data Collection & License Position

During this step, you will work together directly with your VSAM partner to collect entitlement and usage data to create an Effective License Position (ELP). Here, you will get a complete view of your Oracle estate. VSAM Partners will allocate existing license entitlements to provide optimal coverage against your Oracle assets.

3. Go Forward Strategy

Your VSAM Partner will work closely with you to identify opportunities for optimization and outline strategies for solutions for your Oracle environments. As your managed service provider, they will guide you through the implementation of this strategy.

4. Completion and Communication

Upon completion of the Go Forward Strategy, your managed service provider will communicate the completion of these steps and nominate your organization for the audit reprieve. Although Oracle reserves the right to request summary usage information during the course of a baseline, data sharing with Oracle is not required for nomination or approval of the audit reprieve.

5. Audit Reprieve & Annual Updates

Upon approval from Oracle, VSAM clients will receive a 12-month audit reprieve after the service is delivered. Leveraging the VSAM partner for ongoing SAM services, which can include the annual baseline process, is required to continue your participation in the VSAM program and extend the annual audit reprieve.

Anglepoint and VSAM

To become a VSAM partner, Anglepoint went through an extensive qualification process. That process included rigorous training and certifications on Oracle licensing, and demonstrating deep Oracle software licensing expertise from client references and case studies.

Anglepoint does require an active managed service to be in place to support clients looking to enroll in the VSAM program. Existing Anglepoint managed service clients will see no change in how Oracle services are delivered under the Oracle VSAM program. Annual or semi-annual baselines will continue as scheduled. The VSAM program simply provides supplemental support on license entitlement collection, effective license allocations, and software audit exemptions upon successful completion of an annual baseline. Additionally, for clients with an existing ULA or who are considering one, Anglepoint offers a ULA Assessment to provide insight regarding potential ROI on ULA expenditures and expertise to support the decision-making process. Anglepoint managed services clients also receive additional deliverables, such as the Risk & Opportunity Assessment Report (ROAR), to help with strategic planning and optimization. If you are interested in enrolling in the Oracle Verified SAM Partner program or have further questions, you can contact us at or schedule a meeting with one of our experts.

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