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Software Entitlement Use Rights

ITAM Tips from the Trenches: Software Entitlement Use Rights

In this first installment of our ITAM Tips from the Trenches series, Anglepoint Senior Director, Zarra Leonte, shares practical tips for great IT Asset Management. Specifically, Zarra covers the essentials of understanding and maximizing software entitlement use rights. 

What’s the difference between a software license and a software entitlement? 

In simple terms, you can think of the software license as the right to use the software, whereas the software entitlement details how you can use it 

Software entitlement use rights 

Your software license grants you various use rights, and many different types of them. For example, you can have: 

  • Home use rights 
  • Secondary use rights 
  • Failover 
  • DR 
  • Backup 
  • Downgrade & down edition rights 
  • License mobility 
  • Bring your own license (BYOL) 
  • Test & development instances 

In addition to licenses, you might also have bundles. Software bundles allow you to use a new product under the license of one you’ve already purchased. 

It’s important to understand that some use rights come standard with the license, while some may need to be to be negotiated with the publisher based on your unique business needs and use cases. 

Also note that different software publishers often have different definitions and time frames for their use rights. Not all licenses are created equal – especially those associated with DR. Be sure to check those definitions for each of your licenses. 

Finally, we have all heard the saying, ‘don’t leave money on the table’, and this advice certainly applies to buying software. By understanding your use rights in advance and working to maximize those benefits, you can avoid leaving money on the table and minimize spending on unnecessary purchases. 

About ITAM Tips from the Trenches 

ITAM Tips from the Trenches is an on-going series of useful, bite-sized ITAM knowledge and expertise shared by Anglepoint experts who work in the ITAM trenches day-in and day-out. 

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