Anish Patel

Vice President

Anish is a Vice President for Anglepoint Inc. and has over 15 years of experience in license compliance and software asset management. With this experience, alongside cross-functional knowledge in finance, accounting, sales, and legal departments, Anish has a deep understanding of how to contribute to the customer’s key business initiatives and successfully develop new license compliance program with a “customer first” approach.

Over his career in SAM and License Compliance, Anish has developed and managed several key programs, including the Oracle Unlimited License Program, and the Oracle Key Accounts Program. In the last 5 years with Oracle, Anish provided license management services to Fortune 100 companies and also spearheaded Oracle’s Software Asset Management Services for North American Fortune 500 companies.

Based in Santa Clara California, Anish holds a Bachelor’s in Finance from the University of Phoenix and is ITIL certified.