SAM programs ‘Built by Anglepoint’ drive value to their respective organizations by providing smart IT asset management policies, efficient processes, and repeatable capabilities. Accurate license consumption analysis provides stakeholders with consistent quality and compelling value.


Software asset management is becoming increasingly complex, and the resources required to effectively manage your software environment are getting harder to find. Let Anglepoint take that off your hands. Our managed services provide you with immediate access to people, process, and technology experts that can span your entire software estate. Anglepoint will carry out the day-to-day operational business and provide strategic support where necessary, thus freeing your staff for business-critical initiatives. For some clients, this service also includes staff augmentation and managed services around a specific scope of publishers.




Contract negotiations can be stressful and sometimes contentious. Our team has experience with all types of vendor contracts and will deliver recommendations that will strengthen your contract language and position. Our goal is to help you negotiate from a position of knowledge and strength. We can act as your advisor in one of two ways:

Passive - “behind the scenes” negotiation strategies, ghost-write components of responses, draft recommended agreement language.

Active - act as a third-party to help broker a commercial resolution.


An effective SAM program requires a strong foundation of process and policy to drive end-user behavior and obtain success. Our Program Design Services assist organizations in establishing program objectives, success criteria, policy development, process design, and roles / responsibilities. We will document and guide your program’s development with the goal of either: handing off a well defined program to existing staff or transitioning directly into an Anglepoint managed service.




The SAM Program Gap Analysis is designed to analyze your software asset management maturity based on current policies, processes and procedures you have in place. Anglepoint will further document the levels of SAM maturity for key process areas based on industry standards, and highlight program strengths, weaknesses and areas of risk and opportunity.


This 2-day workshop includes facilitation of relevant discussion with key stakeholders around the integration of SAM strategies into business objectives, the preferred SAM methodologies and practices at your organization, and preparation for successful implementation of any frameworks or strategies discussed. We will also perform a tailored analysis of your actual software spend, highlighting areas of risk and providing recommendations for addressing key SAM needs. Other potential topics for discussion may be, but are not limited to: audit strategies, current tool(s) capabilities, cost measurement, definition of process/policy, communication plans, and business unit accountability. If there are other topics you would like to discuss, just ask!


  • Director, Information Security

    "Anglepoint has provided much-needed expertise for higher-risk scenarios over the years. They provided flexible pricing options and have delivered consistent positive results."

    Director, Information Security
    Industry- Services
  • Product Manager

    "Very much customer-oriented and knowledgeable with software asset management. Highly recommended if you are just starting your Journey on establishing SAM."

    Product Manager
    Industry- Manufacturing
  • Project Manager

    "The whole team has been extremely helpful throughout the whole deployment and built of our Infrastructure for BigFix. The whole process was successful because the team was always ready to assist and provide guidance where needed."

    Project Manager
    Industry- Finance
  • Enterprise Architecture Manager

    "Overall the experience has gone well. The team is engaged and when needed willing to jump in and deliver."

    Enterprise Architecture Manager
    Industry- Finance
  • Technology Architect

    "Work completed on schedule and support was excellent. Reaching out to customer was for any issues or additional requirement is also appreciated."

    Technology Architect
    Industry- Miscellaneous
  • Head of Plan&Control

    "Supplier with the highest expertise in difficult licensing questions. Anglepoint is very proactive and pragmatic in day-to-day operations."

    Head of Plan&Control
    Industry- Manufacturing
  • Asset Management Manager

    "The team that helped us was amazing. They were full of insights we did not even know needed. they helped us think outside the box."

    Asset Management Manager
    Industry- Miscellaneous
  • DBA

    "As a HP uCMDB Product administrator for the past 12 years, I have worked with Christopher Neilsen for several years. When any support or knowledge-based information was requested from Chris his responses immediate, well detailed and accurate. He has been a true professional and look forward to using him as a resource for many years to come."

    Industry- Services
  • Interim CIO

    "The team was extremely knowledgeable and thorough in their work. Their expertise level really showed throughout the engagement."

    Interim CIO
    Industry- Services
  • IT Process Analyst

    "Anglepoint has been a pleasure to work! They lead with courage and passion, they make their customers priorities their own. They deliver results with excellence and really live the values of our company. As such, they have been an integral part of our team over the past five years."

    IT Process Analyst
    Industry- Services
  • Director, IT Sourcing & Vendor Management

    "I am a sourcing professional working for an organization who has been lucky enough to be audited by IBM and Oracle back-to-back. We used Anglepoint as consultants for both of these audits. Anglepoint's sweet spot is in helping its clients develop and successfully implement an audit strategy, they performed very well on both of our audits. All consultants we worked with were previously software compliance auditors for IBM or Oracle. They provided thought leadership, coaching, and insight into the audit teams' policies and tactics. If you just need someone to help you crunch the numbers you might be overpaying by using Anglepoint, but if you need someone who will be a strategic resource to help with all facets of the audit, I would recommend Anglepoint."

    Director, IT Sourcing & Vendor Management
    Industry- Finance
  • VP of Infrastructure

    "Our experience with Anglepoint was phenomenal. Their knowledge of the vendor, the vendor's contract specifics and license nuances were immensely valuable. They were always prepared, asked insightful questions and gave us tangible data and answers. Our AP account team presented to our Global executive leadership team and they were able to effectively put it in business terms and enable a healthy discussion on the value of each choice we had."

    VP of Infrastructure
    Industry- Services
  • Director, IT Vendor Management

    "The team we worked with has excellent depth of understanding and experience in working through the details of software license entitlement calculations. They are also personable and maintain a positive relationship with our staff as they help us understand and remediate problematic software configurations. And they have provided effective coaching in working with our publishers. We feel the value for the money we've spent with them has been very good."

    Director, IT Vendor Management
    Industry- Healthcare
  • IT Asset Manager

    "I've worked with Anglepoint for 8 or more years, with them in my work life I have gained knowledge and experience I wouldn't have gotten because there was no one in my company to give the knowledge and the know-how. My successful working career is in a large part due to their ability to support my job responsibilities. I like to refer to Anglepoint as my bench of pros. I call on them whenever I can't figure out how to solve the issues I'm dealing with at the time. They have more resources to draw upon and help me get to a satisfied resolution to issue."

    IT Asset Manager
    Industry- Healthcare
  • CTO- VP IT Systems

    "Anglepoint really took the complexity out of SAM and Flexera cloud solution that many were warning me about. I knew Flexera was the tool we needed due to the breadth and trust of data. Anglepoint not only got it up and running well for us, but keeps us informed of updates (if we should take them or not), offers to help with system and agent updates if needed. I now have them engaged to enter in all of our software contracts and links to install evidence so our SAM is world-class. Prices are great and expertise is awesome, they know what they are doing. I look forward to a long relationship with Anglepoint as a trusted partner in our SAM operations."

    CTO- VP IT Systems
    Industry- Construction
  • Software Asset Manager

    "We could not be more satisfied with our engagement with Anglepoint in managing our IBM space. Our IBM space is fairly complex and dynamic with an array of various products that we leverage sub-capacity licenses. In the past, we spent significant time learning, training, and focus trying to understand ILMT, the bundling, and the various allowances related to terms and conditions. In addition, we had challenges keeping a role internally with someone with just this experience. We struggled to maintain a sustainable process until we engaged Anglepoint. Immediately, AP stepped in and provided guidance, direction, and cadence to ensure we were in the best position to not only meet our compliance requirements but also understand areas for optimization in the space. Every contact at Anglepoint that we've partnered w/ on the IBM review has been extremely professional, significant industry knowledge, and a partner in every sense of the word. Their work speaks for itself, and we have never had so much visibility and confidence in our effective license positions. We are so pleased w/ our IBM engagement, that we've expanded our SAM managed service to other large-risk based vendors. My only regret is we didn't start our engagement with Anglepoint sooner!"

    Software Asset Manager
    Industry- Miscellaneous
  • Nick C, Blue Cross Blue Shield (Mass.)

    “After engaging with the team at Anglepoint, our annual Microsoft true-up process was the easiest one yet. Each year, they help us by identifying the exact number of licenses we need to add, which frees up our internal resources. They also help us to avoid unnecessary spend by optimizing our environment with the licenses we already own.”

    Nick C, Blue Cross Blue Shield (Mass.)
    Senior IT Contracts Manager
  • Lester V, Cass Regional Medical Center

    “With Anglepoint, we have been able to identify accurate utilization information through an easy process. Anglepoint was supportive of what we needed to accomplish while respecting my time.”

    Lester V, Cass Regional Medical Center
    Manager of Information Services
  • Patrick L, Torys LLP

    "Working with Anglepoint was a pleasure. I would recommend Anglepoint to any colleague at other organizations and will certainly look to engage them again going forward."

    Patrick L, Torys LLP
    Director of Information Services