Anglepoint's deep license managment expertise with Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, SAP, Salesforce, Symantec, Dell EMC, VMware, HPE, and many others, allows us to drive the deepest, most actionable cost savings straight to our clients’ bottom line.


Fundamental to any SAM initiative is the ability to “count and count well.” Many solutions stop at comparing inventory and purchasing data but are unable to take into account the detailed licensing rules that are required to measure true license entitlement and consumption. Anglepoint helps clients inventory their deployed assets using a combination of our own proprietary scripts, data collection methodologies, and any available commercial tools. Our best in class subject matter experts will then calculate consumption and compare that against license entitlement to give clients true auditor-level accuracy in their compliance positions.




Anglepoint's team has extensive experience analyzing contracts, purchasing records and history, and software publisher provided reports such as Microsoft MLS and IBM Passport Advantage (PPA) reports. Anglepoint's Contract Analysis will help users understand where their largest risks and liabilities are, as well as give them actionable recommendations to strengthen their agreements and benchmark against the rest of the industry.


Vendor negotiations can be stressful and sometimes contentious. Our goal is to help you negotiate from a position of knowledge and strength. We can act as your advisor in one of two ways: Passive - “behind the scenes” resolution strategies, ghost-write components of demand letters & responses, draft recommended agreement language; or, Active - act as a third-party to help broker a commercial resolution.




In today’s technology landscape, managing a software environment of any size is difficult, and many of our clients tell us they don’t know quite where to begin. Anglepoint’s Risk Assessment will provide you with prioritized, actionable steps to take, no matter where you are in your licensing journey. We will review your agreements, your publisher and product mix, and perform a spend analysis, as well as incorporate our own insights from decades of software licensing and SAM experience.


If you’re like most of our customers, you are constantly considering the impact of moving to the cloud, whether it’s public or private, hybrid or multi-cloud, Azure or AWS. The truth is that a move to the cloud can have licensing impacts that are far-reaching and largely unknown to many IT practitioners. Anglepoint’s Cloud Readiness services include an assessment of the readiness of your IT estate for customers who are considering moving part or all of their infrastructure to a cloud environment, as well as the licensing impacts of doing so. As part of the engagement, we also provide valuable insights into other key areas of cloud migration, such as information security, workload consideration, and total cost of ownership (TCO).




It sounds simple, but true license optimization is not only a matter of reducing cost (although that’s always nice), but rather the practice of continuously monitoring the demand for software in your organization, and only buying what you actually need. Anglepoint’s optimization work goes far beyond just telling you where you can reduce licenses. We consider topics such as license consolidation, infrastructure optimization, contract optimization, improving documentation, license transfer, or re-harvesting. In addition, only Anglepoint’s licensing experts can help you with specialty topics unique to specific publishers such as indirect access, partitioning, disaster recovery, virtualization, and product bundling.

  • Nick C, Blue Cross Blue Shield (Mass.)

    “After engaging with the team at Anglepoint, our annual Microsoft true-up process was the easiest one yet. Each year, they help us by identifying the exact number of licenses we need to add, which frees up our internal resources. They also help us to avoid unnecessary spend by optimizing our environment with the licenses we already own.”

    Nick C, Blue Cross Blue Shield (Mass.)
    Senior IT Contracts Manager
  • Lester V, Cass Regional Medical Center

    “With Anglepoint, we have been able to identify accurate utilization information through an easy process. Anglepoint was supportive of what we needed to accomplish while respecting my time.”

    Lester V, Cass Regional Medical Center
    Manager of Information Services
  • Patrick L, Torys LLP

    "Working with Anglepoint was a pleasure. I would recommend Anglepoint to any colleague at other organizations and will certainly look to engage them again going forward."

    Patrick L, Torys LLP
    Director of Information Services