We are here to help you address your security and compliance concerns so you can operate with the vigilance, control, and assurance needed to protect the organization and sleep soundly.


Cybersecurity breaches have become almost a daily routine, regularly grabbing headlines that alarm consumers and leaders. As reliance on data and interconnectivity swells, developing resilience to withstand cyber shocks has never been more important. The core functionality of cybersecurity involves protecting information and systems from malware, ransomware, phishing and other exploits. Anglepoint provides services around vulnerability management, patch management, network security, and penetration testing to protect customers from the exploitation of vulnerabilities in applications, software, and networks.




Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) like Azure, AWS and Google typically deploy security controls to protect their environments, but expect end-users to implement an additional level of security like around web filtering, encryption etc. on their specific cloud instance by working with different cloud security providers.
Anglepoint analyzes the gaps between CSP provided security and customers own security controls, looks at all aspects of IT Security vulnerabilities and compliance requirements to provide holistic cloud security solutions.


As threats to information security are constantly increasing, so are the requirements to comply with IT compliance standards. Every organization has a risk of being under cyber-attack and losing sensitive data. Anglepoint systematically examines the businesses processes, identifies risks and makes recommendations to address security threats and to meet compliance requirements. Anglepoint brings decades of experience in providing services for multiple compliance standards including ISO 27001, SOX, HIPAA, PCI, SOC2, FedRamp, and NIST.




Personal information has become one of the most valuable pieces of information in the market. With increasing demand from consumers to protect personal information, regulators are pushing hard to follow standards and regulations to address privacy issues.
Anglepoint has expertise on multiple compliance standards like EU GDPR, US Privacy Shield, Singapore Privacy Law, and Australian Privacy Law. We understand organization’s regulatory requirements and analyze the complete cycle of personal information to provide the best solution.


As organizations move to the cloud and integrate with other businesses, one of the key challenges faced by organizations is managing access to multiple IT systems and providing the right access to employees to perform their job functions without compromising security or privacy requirements. Anglepoint IAM services provide solutions for access management, designing workflow for approvals, setting up right levels of privilege and role-based access controls, single sign-on systems, multifactor authentication etc.



The data threat landscape is evolving day-by-day, which leads to increased risk of cyber-attacks to all businesses and organizations. Trade secrets, financial information, and employee and customer data are just some of the private information stored inside an organization's network. To protect an organization’s confidential data, one needs a systematic approach to manage security needs. Unfortunately, due to limited staff and low budgets, most organizations lag behind in security management. Anglepoint's Managed Security Services can help organizations with cost-efficient threat detection and timely maintenance.


  • Nick C, Blue Cross Blue Shield (Mass.)

    “After engaging with the team at Anglepoint, our annual Microsoft true-up process was the easiest one yet. Each year, they help us by identifying the exact number of licenses we need to add, which frees up our internal resources. They also help us to avoid unnecessary spend by optimizing our environment with the licenses we already own.”

    Nick C, Blue Cross Blue Shield (Mass.)
    Senior IT Contracts Manager
  • Lester V, Cass Regional Medical Center

    “With Anglepoint, we have been able to identify accurate utilization information through an easy process. Anglepoint was supportive of what we needed to accomplish while respecting my time.”

    Lester V, Cass Regional Medical Center
    Manager of Information Services
  • Patrick L, Torys LLP

    "Working with Anglepoint was a pleasure. I would recommend Anglepoint to any colleague at other organizations and will certainly look to engage them again going forward."

    Patrick L, Torys LLP
    Director of Information Services