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Security & ITAM in the Public Sector

According to new guidance released by the White House, US federal agencies have just 90 days to create a full inventory of their software in order to comply with a new governmental practice on cybersecurity.

Government organizations face some of the most dangerous and sophisticated cybersecurity threats. IT Asset Management can help reduce the risk of these threats by ensuring compliance to regulations and best practices, allowing quicker response to threats, and proactively preventing future security threats.

As these attacks continue to intensify and in order to comply with new requirements, it is essential that government entities get their policies and processes in order. Join Anglepoint and Emergent for an informative webinar on bridging the gap between security and ITAM in the public sector. Points we’ll cover include:

  • How to best complete the new federal requirements
  • Recent cyberattacks, how and why they happened
  • Incorporating ITAM into your IT strategy
  • ITAM – cyber security challenges
  • And more
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Anglepoint & Emergent


Emergent is an award-winning IT solutions provider and value-added reseller based in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Since 2006, Emergent has specialized in solving complex challenges and delivered best-of-class technology solutions to operations for various agencies and entities within the Public Sector. Customers capitalize on a streamlined, cost-effective procurement process by leveraging pre-competed, pre-negotiated contract portfolios such as GSA, SEWP V, OMNIA Partners, and agency-specific contract vehicles. Emergent partners with some of the most prominent and industry-leading technology platforms to deliver lifecycle IT services across cloud computing, open-source, and creative solutions.


Established in 2016, Vertosoft accelerates the adoption of innovative and emerging technology within the government. We bring the flexibility, agility, and responsiveness of a small company with the experience of a large organization. With our clear focus on emerging technology growth in government, Vertosoft is uniquely positioned to reduce complexity and provide scalable, cloud-ready technology solutions that enable government agencies to deliver smarter, client-centric digital transformations.

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