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The Request for Proposal (RFP) process for Software Asset Management (SAM) Managed Services is often full of needless pain and frustration felt by everyone involved. Getting vendors, procurement, and the business all on the same page is not easy.

That’s why we’ve created our RFP template for SAM Managed Services. With this template, we aim to remove much of the difficulty that comes with the RFP process.

This template is designed to help streamline your RFP process and ensure that you get an apples-to-apples comparison of your selected bidders. It includes the following worksheets:

  • OBJECTIVES & DELIVERABLES: this worksheet clarifies what your organization is trying to accomplish, what you expect from an MSP, and how you will evaluate the bidders’ responses.
  • INFRASTRUCTURE: this record of all software within the scope of the SAM service will allow your potential MSPs to provide a clear and concise response.
  • RESOURCES: here your potential MSPs will share the extent of the skillsets and experience of the actual consultants that will deliver the Scope of Services.
  • CAPABILITIES: this worksheet is where bidders will provide a disclosure of their financial relationships with each software publisher, and their honest self-assessment of capabilities and confidence to provide audit-accurate deliverables.
  • And more…

We invite you to request the RFP template and use it as is, or feel free to adjust it to meet your needs.

To learn more about the challenges of a SAM RFP, watch this podcast episode.

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RFP Template for Software Asset Management

What’s in the RFP template?

There are 10 comprehensive worksheets in our SAM Managed Services RFP template:

  • Contacts & Schedule
  • Objectives & Deliverables
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Infrastructure
  • In-scope Publishers
  • Particpant Questions
  • Resources
  • Capabilities
  • Requests
  • Pricing

Request the template to help with your next Software Asset Management RFP.

The Broken RFP & How to Fix It

In this episode of The ITAM Executive podcast, Kris Johnson and Steve Hastings clear up some misconceptions about the RFP process and provide advice on how to approach it in a way that will enable you to make the most informed decisions.

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