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Whether its digital transformation, cloud expansion, security or managing the IT data center and users, Quest supports over 130,000 customers worldwide. Quest also has one of the more active compliance programs in the industry, so it is important for your organization to gain control and manage your Quest licensing accordingly to understand your deployments and consumption.

The objective of this periodic “Point in Time” assessment is to coordinate our client’s contractual responsibilities and entitlements against their consumption of in-scope Quest Software products. The “Health Checks” gives the customer insight & improved understanding of the software and licensing issues that are present within the environment, with Anglepoint providing recommendations on corrective action regarding:

  1.   Identified risks
  2.   Over/Under-utilized software
  3.   Unauthorized installations

This comprehensive solution provides a full Software License Management service for the in-scope Quest software portfolio throughout the year, completing quarterly reporting, providing a license support desk, and delivering optimization reporting that will help your organizations strategic & tactical planning around your Quest Software assets.

Anglepoint offers proactive and reactive support to our clients in preparing for or managing an existing Quest Software licensing verification (audit). The support is tailored to suit each client but can extend from supporting a communication strategy, project management or contract evaluation through to technical data collection & assessment and negotiating settlements. Whatever our client needs, we are here to help shoulder the burden and mitigate the risks.

Having access to an expert with extensive insider knowledge of the Software Publisher can often pave the way for major long-term savings and risk avoidance when planning for and procuring your software solutions. Whether you are coordinating a single software purchase or negotiating a renewal or Enterprise Agreement,  Anglepoint can support your organization to make the smart choices, negotiate with confidence, and align with your business strategy. Schedule a meeting with one of our experts today!


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