Microsoft Licensing & Software Asset Management (SAM)

We are a Microsoft software asset management (SAM) partner with expertise in all aspects of Microsoft licensing. Microsoft and many other organizations around the world have tasked us with providing Microsoft software asset management, cloud assessments, and Microsoft commercial licensing services.


As part of our baseline service, we go beyond providing just an ELP (effective license position). An ELP shines a light on your license consumption relative to entitlements, but Anglepoint takes you further to fully optimize your software usage. We help our clients avoid buying unnecessary licenses, and we can help you get the most out of your current entitlements.

We also help you figure out how to optimize your license usage. That means we find ways to help you save money and use your license entitlements efficiently. In addition, we look beyond compliance to show you where you may also have security risk due to unsupported software, unmanaged devices, or other areas.
Baseline services are offered to both end-user organizations and hosters (SPLA).




Anglepoint’s Microsoft Managed services are a scalable and customizable service for a 1-3-year period. Our managed service includes discovery, reconciliation, and optimization of your Microsoft software estate as well as ongoing SAM maturity tracking, cost savings, and cost avoidance calculations. We can align with your recurring contract dates (true up, renewal) to help simplify the process each year as well as drive cost savings throughout the term of your agreements. Like our baseline service, our managed services are available to both end users and hosters. For hosters with current SPLA agreements, we also assist with determining monthly reporting requirements.


License audits can eat up your time and resources. They can cost a lot! That’s why we aim to help our clients avoid audits completely. Our Microsoft Audit Support consulting services are fully customizable to what your organization needs. When an audit is unavoidable, we can give you the support and guidance to get you through a soft or full audit.




We provide a cloud assessment service, which can help you to move your data and operations into the Internet “cloud.” We are a certified partner of Movere, a company and software tool that can enhance your cloud migration. We can help you deploy Movere, analyze the data you get from it, identify your servers that are ready to move to Azure, estimate your costs, and much more.

  • Nick C, Blue Cross Blue Shield (Mass.)

    “After engaging with the team at Anglepoint, our annual Microsoft true-up process was the easiest one yet. Each year, they help us by identifying the exact number of licenses we need to add, which frees up our internal resources. They also help us to avoid unnecessary spend by optimizing our environment with the licenses we already own.”

    Nick C, Blue Cross Blue Shield (Mass.)
    Senior IT Contracts Manager
  • Lester V, Cass Regional Medical Center

    “With Anglepoint, we have been able to identify accurate utilization information through an easy process. Anglepoint was supportive of what we needed to accomplish while respecting my time.”

    Lester V, Cass Regional Medical Center
    Manager of Information Services
  • Patrick L, Torys LLP

    "Working with Anglepoint was a pleasure. I would recommend Anglepoint to any colleague at other organizations and will certainly look to engage them again going forward."

    Patrick L, Torys LLP
    Director of Information Services