Anglepoint is an IBM Premier Business Partner and has been awarded IBM's SAM Gold level accreditation. Anglepoint is the first IBM partner in the world to be awarded this level of accreditation.


The objective of an IBM Baseline service is to get clients to a point where they can report on their “physical inventory” as it compares to their entitlements or “financial inventory”. The deliverable from these services is an “Effective License Position” or ELP. It is a report that shows where the customer is over-deployed (more physical inventory than their entitlements allow them to have), or over-licensed (paying support on more software than is actually deployed). Anglepoint offers 2 types of IBM baseline services:
• An IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) baseline which will produce an ELP on only the software that is reported on by ILMT. This includes software licensed by Processor Value Units (PVUs) or Resource Value Unit – Manage Activated Processor Cores (RVU-MAPC).
• A full IBM baseline which encompasses all IBM products no matter how they are licensed. It includes PVU and RVU-MAPC as well as other IBM products that are lumped into a category that we call “Non-PVU” licensed.




When it comes to Software Asset Management (SAM), being in a state of continuous compliance, audit-ready at any moment, should be every company’s goal. Anglepoint offers IBM Managed Services that can be customized for any organization. Most SAM services are designed to either get a SAM tool deployed or achieve an accurate “baseline.” The problem is that if people and processes haven’t been put in place to ensure that SAM data stays current, it is merely a snapshot in time that may bear no resemblance to the “audit readiness” of the current environment. Anglepoint provides you with a blueprint that helps ensure continual compliance and helps with the work required to make sure you are prepared.


Optimization is the highest maturity level of software asset management (SAM) that a client can achieve. It indicates that the client is only paying for the software that they truly need, has it licensed the most effective way for their business needs, and is licensed at the most optimal or lowest cost. Optimization is a service that is usually included in a full IBM Managed Service.




If you are an IBM customer large enough to have an ELA or a “gem-stone” deal, you are contractually required to provide to IBM reports on the usage consumption of the products covered by that contract. Anglepoint has a team of IBM license experts that spend their time studying IBMs License Instruction Documents (LIDs) in order to develop the most effective way to determine license metric consumption. We have helped hundreds of IBM customers put processes in place to ensure all IBM metric consumption is being produced accurately and producing the required IBM reporting.


IBM® License Metric Tool (ILMT) helps IBM Passport Advantage® (PA) customers determine their full and sub-capacity processor value units (PVU) licensing requirements. It helps calculate the number of PVUs available to installed Passport Advantage PVU-based software, including supported virtualized servers. Without the reports produced by ILMT, customers will be charged full-capacity on all their PVU licensed products if IBM were to audit them. The difference between full and sub-cap pricing can run into millions of dollars, so the most important thing that any IBM customer could do is ensure that they have ILMT deployed and producing accurate reports.Anglepoint consultants have helped hundreds of customers produce complete and accurate ILMT reports and we can do the same for you.


  • Nick C, Blue Cross Blue Shield (Mass.)

    “After engaging with the team at Anglepoint, our annual Microsoft true-up process was the easiest one yet. Each year, they help us by identifying the exact number of licenses we need to add, which frees up our internal resources. They also help us to avoid unnecessary spend by optimizing our environment with the licenses we already own.”

    Nick C, Blue Cross Blue Shield (Mass.)
    Senior IT Contracts Manager
  • Lester V, Cass Regional Medical Center

    “With Anglepoint, we have been able to identify accurate utilization information through an easy process. Anglepoint was supportive of what we needed to accomplish while respecting my time.”

    Lester V, Cass Regional Medical Center
    Manager of Information Services
  • Patrick L, Torys LLP

    "Working with Anglepoint was a pleasure. I would recommend Anglepoint to any colleague at other organizations and will certainly look to engage them again going forward."

    Patrick L, Torys LLP
    Director of Information Services