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Anglepoint Value Award Winners- Q3 2019

We want to recognize the team members that have gone above and beyond to take care of our clients and the team members around them.

Selina encompasses all of our company values, but one of the things she exceeds at is Leading the Evolution. She works extremely hard to automate, standardize, improve processes and procedures, and elevate the quality of deliverables we provide to our customers. She inspires those around her to reach greater heights and helps provide an incredible experience to customers and colleagues alike. Selina is a big contributor to what makes Anglepoint such a wonderful place.

Chris Hayes has worked hard to maintain a complex project in an even more complex customer environment. He has demonstrated an incredible ability to maintain the utmost professionalism and focus, despite mounting pressure from clients. Chris sets the bar when it comes to demonstrating that client success is paramount.

Anchal is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and pitch in when the stakes are high. Her support and input has been vital in creating client deliverables, which exceed expectations! Anchal’s take-charge and “get it done” attitude is a great example of our core value, Lead the Evolution.

Mitchel Cordy has made a great impression on many others since joining Anglepoint. Ramping up very quickly, he has become instrumental in these last few months, showing that he is not afraid to jump right in or take on a difficult task. Mitchel’s great work ethic and can-do attitude demonstrate our core value of Love what we do.

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