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Anglepoint Value Award Winners- Q2 2019

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Nick Brown

Always eager to try something new, Nick Brown works to continually improve his development skills. His determination to meet and exceed stakeholder expectations is a shot of energy in the development department. Instead of settling for written requirements alone, Nick asks “what does the customer need this to do?" so that he has a solid understanding of the purpose for each feature. As an example, Nick made a considerable effort to improve the ‘Linked Task’ feature recently released in Elevate, turning what was incredibly complicated from a technical standpoint into a much more intuitive user interface.

Mari Petersen

In working with the marketing team over the last few months to define a ‘Revenue Ops’ process, Mari Petersen has provided invaluable feedback to help establish a system to ensure that all leads are followed up on and managed effectively. A big part of this involved understading how Anglepoint’s business development team was using the CRM and the challenges it presented. Mari has been very willing to adopt new practices and provide honest feedback about the effectiveness of those practices. Her candor in this effort has greatly helped in the creation of something that will facilitate our Anglepoint’s sales efforts, and overall, Mari has set an excellent example of how the exchange of feedback enables growth.

Scott Jensen

Since joining the Oracle team, Scott has had nothing but positive reviews from customers, partners, and his colleagues. The professionalism in his content and ability to speak to the data show a depth of credibility and further solidify our value to clients. Moreover, Scott is a solid team contributor with a “can-do” mentality, showing the core value of “Love what we do” as he takes it upon himself to create new and better content. His contributions to the Oracle program are enabling the Business Development team to present more professional/credible material and ultimately is adding to the marketability of the entire Oracle team and Anglepoint brand!

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