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5 Major Takeaways from Gartner ITSV 2018

Gartner ITSV 2018 was a great experience full of knowledge, learning, and networking. With so much information packed into one week, it can be easy to forget the nuggets of wisdom that stuck out the most. Whether you couldn’t make it to all the sessions or just need some refreshing, here are 5 of Anglepoint’s major takeaways from Gartner ITSV 2018.

1. Businesses continue to bypass IT to purchase SaaS solutions as IT has not adapted to the needs of the business. To minimize risk and increase efficiency, IT must educate businesses and align to their needs so that SaaS solutions can be overseen by IT.

2. Cloud and SaaS are becoming even more apparent. Most organizations say they are moving a significant part of their on-premises computing to the cloud within 6-12 months. Knowing this makes it imperative for IT departments to increase their knowledge of Cloud and SaaS to support these organizations.

3. 38% of all IT spend is outside the formal IT organization; also called Shadow IT. This means that SAM will be more important than ever because software purchasing will be done outside of formal procurement and IT channels.

4. In the near future, more individuals will consume more fake information than real. Neutral providers will be subverted by biased ones and the default position to new information will be to distrust it until you trust it.

Security resources will be focused on incident response and damage mitigation as prevention will become nearly impossible.

While we walked away with many gold nuggets, these are what we consider to be the most significant and impactful takeaways from our experience at the conference. What stood out to you? Let’s continue the discussion on LinkedIn or you can shoot us a message @ We would love to hear from you.

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