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Anglepoint & Crayon Relationship

Anglepoint Group, Inc. was founded in 2009 in Santa Clara, the heart of Silicon Valley. Incorporated as a privately held company in the State of California, Anglepoint has built an extensive client base and established itself as the leading global software asset management (SAM) services provider for large enterprises.

Crayon Group Holding ASA is a public company listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange that provides software licensing, hosted solutions & support, and IT cost optimization services to organizations of all sizes. In 2015, Crayon made a strategic investment in Anglepoint based on a common objective of helping clients optimize their IT investments, but through different means. To preserve each individual company’s distinctive approach, offerings, and operations. Anglepoint has continued to function autonomously with Crayon as a holding company. A clear firewall was set up and is strictly maintained to ensure the two companies remain distinct. This arrangement includes the following elements:

  • No change in leadership: Anglepoint has maintained its original and distinct executive leadership team. For example, Anglepoint has its own separate board of directors, chaired by Anglepoint’s original CEO, Ron Brill.
  • Separate legal entities: All agreements with Anglepoint are with Anglepoint directly. Confidential information cannot be shared, nor is there any reason or expectation for Anglepoint to share client information with any other party, including Crayon. Anglepoint has its own client, vendor, and partner relationships and contracts.
  • Separate strategy, offering, market focus, and brand: Anglepoint provides consulting services as a specialized global provider of SAM managed services to large enterprise clients. Anglepoint does not resell any cloud or software products managed for its clients. In contrast, Crayon provides solutions, services, and sales of technologies from Microsoft, AWS, Google Cloud, and others to customers of all sizes.
  • Intellectual Property and R&D: Anglepoint develops and utilizes its own separate IP (SAM service delivery methodologies, publisher-specific license consumption counting procedures, ELEVATE® platforms, etc.). Crayon, on the other hand, develops its own separate IP for its own purposes.
  • Separate operations and back office: Anglepoint operates with its own employees subsidiaries, insurance, and offices around the world. Anglepoint also maintains completely autonomous finance, legal, HR, IT, and marketing departments, with its own separate platforms and systems.
  • Separate financials and reporting: Anglepoint maintains its own financial statements, records, and regulatory & tax filings.
  • Arm’s-length partnership and competition: The vast majority of Anglepoint’s business comes from direct client engagements. However, Anglepoint does have formal partnership arrangements with several other companies offering related services. These partners often engage Anglepoint for its deep SAM expertise and delivery capabilities as a specialist subcontractor. Crayon is one such partner. Such engagements with Crayon are conducted the same way as with our other partners—via an arms-length statement of work (SoW) contracts and clear rules of engagement. This relationship is not exclusive, as both companies have other partners with whom they engage in a similar way. In addition, as both Anglepoint and Crayon compete independently for direct business in the open market, they occasionally compete against their partners, including each other.

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