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Java the Hunt: Oracle’s Rollout of Java Audits has Officially Begun

Listen to “Java the Hunt: Oracle’s Rollout of Java Audits has Officially Begun" on Spreaker.

The open-source nature of Java has made it ubiquitous throughout the software industry. Since Oracle’s acquisition of the tech roughly 10 years ago, most of Java’s features remained free. Near the end of 2018, however, that began to change as Oracle began charging for nearly all use cases.

What started as simple “soft audits” in 2019 have evolved into full-blown audits. What does this mean for your organization? In this episode of The ITAM Executive, we discuss the ramifications of these changes with Anglepoint’s own, Scott Jensen, Sr. Manager & Oracle Practice Lead.

We discuss:

  • What Java audits look like and how to prepare
  • Calculating the financial impact of these changes for your org
  • When you do and don’t need to pay for Java licensing
  • How to save millions through SAM managed services

Additional Resources:

Oracle Begins To Audit Java  

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