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Mainframe Licensing: The Power of a Proactive Approach

Listen to “Mainframe Licensing: The Power of a Proactive Approach w/ Bill Vitiello" on Spreaker.

“Mainframe is dead.” 

That is not an uncommon phrase heard in our industry.  

But reports of its death have been greatly exaggerated. 

In fact, if you were to look behind the curtain of our modern surge in cutting-edge technologies, you’d find that everything traces back to the mainframe. 

Bill Vitiello, Co-Founder Direct Computer Resources, Inc. (DCR) DataVantage Software Solutions, joins the show to explain how the mainframe plays a critical role in successfully managing IT assets.

We discuss:

  • Why mainframe is here to stay
  • Best practices and challenges around mainframe licensing
  • Savings derived from successful management of mainframe licensing
  • The importance of a proactive and collaborative approach

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