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How Licenseware is Automating the Work of ITAM & SAM

Listen to “How Licenseware is Automating the Work of ITAM & SAM w/ Chris Allen" on Spreaker.

Organizations that are new to the SAM space may not have the licensing logic or the time to handle a full SAM/ITAM workload.

Luckily, some of the processes can be automated—and thus can be translated into code.

In this episode of The ITAM Executive, Chris Allen, Co-Founder and Chief of Sales at Licenseware, shares how his company is creating an ecosystem of automation that can remove some of the workload from a SAM or ITAM professional.

Check out the new episode to hear more about Allen’s views on the space and what they are doing to bring something new to the industry.

We discuss:

  • The idea that launched Licenseware
  • How licensing automation works
  • The community they hope to build around SAM/ITAM automation

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