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Optimizing ITAM KPIs: Data Visibility for Program Excellence

This eBook offers tools and strategies to define North Star Metrics, align ITAM KPIs to drive behaviors, gain trustworthy data visibility for accurate measurement, and review your decided KPIs for improvement. This will ensure senior stakeholder buy-in and demonstrate the value ITAM brings to the organization.

By reading our Optimizing ITAM KPIs eBook, you will learn how to:

  • Define measurable North Star metrics
  • Align KPIs to drive the right behaviors
  • Gain visibility of trustworthy data to measure accurately and effectively
  • Review KPIs and improve for success.

Whether you are initiating your ITAM maturity journey or seeking to enhance your existing program, this guide offers a comprehensive roadmap for the continuous process of defining, reviewing, and measuring KPIs that will shift your organization into the structured maturity of ISO 19970-1 and start to build a more mature ITAM framework or management system.

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