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North Star Metrics: How To Build a Roadmap Towards ISO 19770-1 Certification

In a recent ITAM Forum webinar,  Anglepoint’s ITAM Program Transformation expert, Chris Hayes, joined a panel of ITAM industry peers in a discussion about how best to prepare your organization for building a roadmap towards ISO/IEC 19770-1 certification.

This standard is part of the ISO ITAM family of standards and is the ‘North Star’ for any ITAM team. Organizations can now certify against this standard and achieve recognition for their ITAM practice and Management System.

In the webinar, the panel discusses assessing whether your organization is ready to take the ISO certification. They took a deeper dive into what it takes to become certified, what the auditor will look for during the process, and the key elements of the 19770-1 standard. The webinar demonstrates why certification matters and the value it brings to your organization.

Anglepoint’s ISO Readiness Assessment

If you want to receive a customized report to discover if your organization is ISO/IEC 19770-1 ready, you can take Anglepoint’s Readiness Assessment Quiz. You will receive a personalized report with tailored feedback that includes needed improvements.

We have brought together some of the highlights here for you to watch:

Organizational Goals:

In this short video, Chris talks about the Management System which delivers a holistic approach to ITAM rather than a subset of goals. He explains the importance of aligning the ITAM objectives with the organization’s objectives to secure stakeholder buy-in.

Align, Plan & Communicate:

In this short video, Chris talks about the importance of planning. Without this, ITAM will continue to be reactive. Through careful planning, you can build an effective ITAM Framework.

Start An ITAM Practice:
In this short video, Chris and the expert panel share their thoughts about starting your ITAM Practice and how important it is to bring the stakeholders, other functions, and the experts along on the journey. They discuss the importance of a data-driven approach and the visibility of accurate data.

Maturing Your ITAM Practice:

In this short video, the panel offers recommendations on starting with a smaller scope to show value. Make sure these quick wins relate to the overall business goal, and that all the processes and procedures are in place – get these right before moving to more complex areas. 

For more information on defining your North Star Metrics, download our eBook “Optimizing ITAM KPIs: Data Visibility For Program Excellence ” Learn how to align your KPIs and gain the required visibility of accurate data needed to measure and review these key metrics.

If you would like to speak to our experts about support to help define your organization’s North Star Metrics and the KPIs required to achieve them, contact us to arrange a call.

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