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New Year, New SAM Strategy 

A New Year’s resolution

2023 is just beginning and for many of us that means resolutions time. For more of us than usual in fact. Where we are writing this in London, a new YouGov survey revealed that one in five Britons (21%) say they will make a New Year’s resolution for 2023, compared to just one in seven (14%) who say they made a resolution for 2022.

But why do we do this?

It’s simple – the New Year offers a fresh start to make improvements and an opportunity to get things right and make changes. Change can be a big step; it takes courage and action to move through the fear of potential loss into the land of potential benefit. Resolutions are our promises to be brave in the face of that fear.

Time for a change

The current recession is forcing many of us to change – new routines and habits that will allow us to save on spend and get more ‘bang for our buck.” Car insurance, mobile phone contracts, and even grocery lists will come under new scrutiny as we look for ways to stretch our money further.

Psychologically, human beings create habits and routines as a way to reduce the number of decisions we make on a daily basis. Just think about your morning routine; we tend to get up at the same time, take the same route to work, make our signature morning drink of choice, sit at the same place at the dinner table, etc. Rather than having to decide how to live each moment afresh, we often navigate our lives using a simple strategy: (a) choose whatever we chose before, and (b) organize our lives in such a way that we are faced with the same choices, over and over again. 

But there is a dark side to routine. Too much routine can lock us into rigid patterns of thinking and behaviors. We can lose our ability to question and adapt.

New Year’s resolution for businesses

What about businesses? What New Year’s resolutions should your business make in 2023?  Most  CFO’s will have already reviewed contracts with suppliers to make sure that these are delivering the best deal possible. Procurement will have looked at ways to shave spend and make cut backs to keep within budgets.  There are bigger opportunities for change that will require that courage to make the change. 

“The price of doing the same old thing is far higher than the price of change.” —Bill Clinton 

Are you maximizing the value of the investments that you have made in ITAM? Be this the internal cost of the team, the tools you have purchased, or the partners you are using? 

Ask yourself are you 100% sure that you are on track to achieving your goals.   

With the current economic climate putting pressure on your IT budgets, now could be the time to look for an expert partner to make a significant impact on your spend reduction targets.  

Anglepoint can help make the change

First, let’s address a rumor: “Anglepoint is on a mission to find all the best people in the industry and they are offering jobs to them.”  It’s absolutely true!  Our team has grown rapidly over the last few years to 190 employees worldwide. We have sought out the elite – publisher experts, audit experts, IT Asset management and software asset management process experts and grown our team. We have now earned the kudos of being the “world-leading supplier of SAM Managed Services" for three years running by Gartner in their Magic Quadrant, backed up by leading each of the three areas within the Gartner Critical Capabilities report. 

We help companies see where they need to change and follow through.

We invite you to come and speak to us, engage with those experts and find out more about how Anglepoint can help you make that change.  

Anglepoint delivers a unique approach to ITAM enabling the world’s largest, most complex organizations to manage increasing costs and vulnerabilities within their software & cloud estates.  Through combining our expertise with trustworthy data we provide actionable insights enabling our customers to confidently make strategic business decisions. 

In the words of Albert Einstein, “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change,” and John F. Kennedy said, “Change is the law of life, and those who look only to the past and present are certain to miss the future.”  

Is it time that you asked yourself the question of what routines and habits you need to review? Anglepoint is on hand and available to provide you with the much needed advice –  we have seen large, complex organizations make the changes they needed to make, with us and with amazing results..  

Look to the future, speak to Anglepoint. 

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