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Internal User Education During the Software Renewal Process

ITAM Tips from the Trenches: Educating Internal Users During the Software Renewal Process

In this installment of our series, ITAM Tips from the Trenches, Anglepoint Vice President, Selina Baranowski, shares practical tips for great IT Asset Management. Specifically, she explains why it’s important to educate internal users during the software renewal process, a commonly forgotten step of the renewal process.

The Software Renewal Process

This step is commonly forgotten, primarily because the scope of the renewal process is large; there is a LOT to consider and accomplish within the renewal timeframe. And once you are in it, the focus can be on whether you’re getting a good discounts, or whether the quantity of licenses are right- sized or whether the software publisher agrees to your concessions.

What a lot of organizations tend to forget about once they’ve submitted their renewal and “crossed that finish line” is whether the agreement just signed includes changes which should in turn change how their end users deploy and use the software. So this tip from the trenches is to review your renewal playbooks and make sure that last forgotten step is included. If there are relevant changes, work to educate your end users on how this will may impact them. This will set your next renewal up for success by ensuring no surprises occur.

About ITAM Tips from the Trenches 

ITAM Tips from the Trenches is an on-going series of useful, bite-sized ITAM knowledge and expertise shared by Anglepoint experts who work in the ITAM trenches day-in and day-out. 

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