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ServiceNow, Snow, and Aspera Now Approved ILMT Substitutes for IBM Customers Under IASP

By way of background, IBM’s Authorized SAM Provider (IASP) initiative, announced by IBM nearly two years ago, provides a number of benefits to IBM customers who sign the IASP agreement and are under a SAM managed service by one of the 4 globally-authorized SAM providers (of which Anglepoint is one). These benefits include no audits by IBM, as well as other material commercial incentives. IBM’s stated intent with IASP is to delight its software customers and provide them with a verification alternative. For more information on the initiative see our original post on IASP.

All IBM customers who wish to benefit from sub-capacity pricing are required to deploy an IBM-approved sub-capacity reporting tool. Historically, IBM-approved tools were limited to the IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT)BigFix (now owned by HCL), and Flexera (subject to pre-approval and execution of a special addendum).

Although ILMT is provided by IBM free of charge, many customers have found the tool, not unlike other SAM tools on the market, to be challenging to deploy and configure correctly, even aside from the additional overhead inherent of having to run it alongside the customer’s other/main SAM tool (since ILMT covers a subset of IBM software only).

IBM has just clarified to its authorized providers that customers included in the IASP offering may now also elect to use ServiceNowSnow, or Aspera as an approved sub-capacity reporting tool. IBM is doing this because for customers under IASP, who are receiving a managed service from an authorized SAM provider, IBM can have a higher level of confidence in the customer’s sub-capacity reporting. With this change, IBM now accepts, for customers under IASP, any of the top four SAM tools as ranked by Gartner in their 2020 Magic Quadrant Report for SAM Tools.

This change significantly increases the number of SAM tools available to IBM customers under IASP, allowing them more options to avoid having to run multiple tools in their environment, and adding to the existing customer benefits in the IASP offering.

As the IASP offering enters its 3rd year, it continues to evolve for the benefit of IBM customers. The transformation of IBM software licensing verification options appears to be genuine and consistent. In our experience, IASP is resonating in the global marketplace and is ready for adoption across a wide range of IBM software customers.

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