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Your Guide To IBM’s Passport Advantage Agreement (IPAA) Version 11

Last week IBM launched the latest version (11) of its Passport Advantage Agreement which allows clients to use certain IBM programs with a maximum deployment number within a specific amount of time. The new agreement launches today for all new customers and will apply to existing customers starting on May 1, 2023.

Here are the changes the new version brings:

Change in IPAA Notification:

Instead of sending email notifications about changes to this IPAA, IBM will be publicly posting about them on the IBM Terms page. You must subscribe on the IBM Terms to ensure you receive direct notification of any such modifications.

Added Subscription Licenses:

You can’t terminate your agreement before the end of the subscription term, but you now have the flexibility to determine a term length that addresses your business needs.

Added Container Licensing:

IBM requires the use of IBM License Services (ILS) to run quarterly reports and maintains those reports for two years. Manual reporting is not permitted.

License Verification:

You will be required to create, retain and provide on request within 30 days to IBM 1) a report of deployed programs, in a format requested by IBM, using records, system tools output, and other system information; and 2) supporting documentation (collectively, deployment data).

Software Subscription and Support (S&S) Verification:

Now, if you request to renew expiring S&S for fewer IBM Program uses and installations than the expiring quantity, you have to provide system-generated documentation that verifies your current uses and installations of the IBM program. If you can’t produce documentation at least 30 days before your S&S renewal date, you have to renew all expiring quantities.

Reporting for products no longer eligible for sub-capacity:

If you’d like to continue licensing products under sub-capacity licensing terms that no longer meet sub-capacity requirements, you can submit a migration plan to meet the requirements for IBM’s review and approval. During the migration process, you should maintain the version of ILMT that supported the EP based on the original requirements (before it became ineligible) and continue to generate ILMT reports. With IBM’s prior written consent, you can manually manage and track such EPs in accordance with full-capacity reporting.

Whether you’re a current IBM user or a potential one, version 11 brings some significant changes to the IPAA agreement. You can read the full agreement here.

If you have any questions about the best ways to manage these shifts or your IBM relationship in general, we encourage you to get in touch with our team of experts.

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