How To Define The Outcomes Of Your IT Asset Management Program

With the current economic climate, the pressure on all business functions to deliver corporate strategy and organization-wide cost savings is immense. Gartner predicts an increase of 6% IT spend worldwide in 2023. This is a key focus area being targeted for spend-relief.

Many organizations are stuck in a reactive state for renewals, requests and audits that are preventing them from streamlining their processes. A clear, stakeholder supported ITAM governance strategy can help provide a framework of best practices and controls to deliver this.

Implementing a robust IT Asset Management (ITAM) framework lays the foundation for overall corporate governance excellence and will ensure that your organization is protected from the greatest corporate risks – commercial, legal, reputational and security.

This strategy will empower your organization to switch from being reactive to proactive and be instrumental in driving maximum value from your entire hardware, software and cloud assets throughout their lifecycle. By engaging stakeholders such as procurement, vendor management and business leaders early and collaboratively, you can ensure program success and support to deliver (everyone’s interpretation of) great results.

The process to design and implement this framework, however, takes a considerable amount of time and planning and will of course need to be built alongside your organization’s BAU operations.

That’s why we start our process with assessment. What exactly do you need at this moment and for the future?

At Anglepoint, we recommend you engage true experts to support this process and allow your team to stay on top of the day-to-day tasks ensuring that industry best practices like ISO 19770 are adhered to. Alongside this, you can identify key low-overhead wins to drive value in the short term.

Your chosen partner will assist in facilitating the definition of key objectives, success criteria, policy development, process, and role design that will be critical to ensure the success of the overall ITAM Function.

They will help to layout the strategy and roadmap, defining outcomes & objectives, asset lifecycle review, including key RACI and roadmap.  They can also use tried and tested methods for managing and bringing stakeholders on the journey, both at executive level for support, and mid-lower level for supporting in day-to-day tasks.

ITAM Value Optimization Chart

Delivering (ONLY) the right information to the right people at the right time will be a key consideration. So this is aligned to the defined outcomes, and the process and should begin with full coverage analysis reviewing inventory across your entire estate – users, hardware, software and cloud to determine any key issues and data health of your estate.

Publisher spend prioritization should also be included in the process, reviewing all publisher spend to, and aligned to audit risk and segment (enhanced, standard, long tail) holistic spend into categories of management (with aligned approvals, marketplaces and guardrails) to get the right balance of governance without impacting user creativity.

Once complete, this exercise will provide a clear set of exec-aligned objectives, with the steps to get there, supported by insightful and accurate inventory and vendor spend intelligence, supporting the outlining of priorities. Your executive team will have a clearly laid out roadmap and plan with recommended processes and policies for review.

Anglepoint has developed a structured tried-and-tested methodology for implementing this as part of a four-step ITAM Transformation Program that has been designed for large and complex organizations looking to mature ITAM and deliver on executive requirements, and balance quick efficient access to the right technology for users, with optimized spend in challenging economic times.  We provide the expertise required to deliver this engagement model and translate your business requirements into ITAM activities.  In addition, you will learn how to ensure your ITAM tooling delivers the business critical outcomes.

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