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Fit-Gap-Analysis for the Perfect Software Licensing Deal

Fit-Gap-Analysis for the Perfect Software Licensing Deal

This webinar is all about right sizing and right pricing of software license and support. Over and over again, we see that as organizations fail to prepare for software negotiations, they are only preparing to fail. Reaching a software licensing agreement that is perfect for your organization will not be easy but is certainly achievable.

Over the years, we’ve supported hundreds of organizations in software licensing agreement negotiations. Here we share some of the lessons we’ve learned.

What determines the perfect software license and support deal?

Price is not the only factor that determines a good deal. Here are some additional points that must be considered:


Do the license and support agreements reflect the current and future license demand and allow for flexibility?


Do the license and support agreements contain SLAs that ensure full operation and business continuity?


Do the license and support agreements include the software products and services that fit your IT architecture?


Are the license and support agreements signed with a partner that shares your organization’s vision and strategy?

What are the reasons that organizations miss out on the perfect software licensing deal?

These are the top reasons that we’ve seen:

– Lack of transparency on current and future IT demand.
– Unclear requirements for IT operating model (carve out/outsourcing/insourcing).
– Lack of knowledge on potential IT solutions and suppliers.
– Unknown key terms and conditions in service, license, and maintenance agreements.
– Missing benchmark information on pricing, discounts, and value add.
– Lack of negotiation resources, skills, and better practices

Fit-Gap-Analysis Case Study

Here at Anglepoint, we’ve helped many organizations save millions by helping them identify their software licensing needs and then determining how best to meet those needs. For example, we recently helped a Fortune 500 company cut its hosting, maintenance, and support cost by 8 million euros. This was done by reducing endpoints and server instances by 5%, cloud tenants by 15%, software publishers by 20%, and IT service providers by 10%.

Not only did this company save a lot of money, but now its IT environment is optimized to best suit its needs.

To go into greater detail and learn more about running a fit-gap-analysis for the perfect software licensing and support deal, we encourage you to watch the webinar.

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