Jeramy Tarwater


Jeramy is a Director of the SAP license optimization team at Anglepoint and has over 7 years of Software Asset Management(SAM) experience. He and his team have many years of experience and a deep understanding of SAP licensing and optimization techniques. The SAP team focuses on right-sizing SAP license assets, mitigating potential compliance exposures from both direct and indirect access, and supporting clients during SAP negotiations, audits, and renewals.

Prior to joining Anglepoint, Jeramy spent 4 years working at SAP as a License Audit Specialist and as such performed numerous license audits on a diverse list of some of SAP's most strategic customers. After his tenure at SAP, Jeramy joined KPMG where he was quickly promoted to a manager in order to help build and manage KPMG's SAM teams. As a SAM professional, Jeramy managed the implementation of leading enterprise SAM tools where data was collected and analyzed to create enterprise license positions for various software publishers. Jeramy and his teams have helped clients save millions in cost avoidance and license optimization using a balanced approach and industry-leading SAM methodologies.

Jeramy is based in Utah and holds a Master's degree in Information Systems from Arizona State University and a B.S. in Business Management from the University of Arizona. He also is fluent in Spanish.