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As Salesforce becomes more of an integral part of a business core functionality, it is important to maintain oversight over every function that Salesforce touches. Anglepoint partners with organizations to help them understand their Salesforce licensing usage, ensure license optimization, maximize their strategy, and find value for their investment.

Through a Salesforce Contract Review, we gather all relevant Salesforce licensing contracts and review each document to determine which Salesforce products are licensed and what terms and conditions govern their use. Following the review, we will provide you with a consolidated entitlement report with all purchased Salesforce products, quantities, and user allocation.

Our License Managed Service provides Salesforce licensing support throughout the year for periodic reporting, optimization, renewal support, and help regarding certifications during the course of your life-cycle with Salesforce.

Our Optimization Services begin with a review of baseline deployment counts and is followed by discussions about optimization opportunities. Topics that would be discussed would cover areas such as licenses, governance, user management, and contracts.


Client Case Study


Learn more about how we have helped our clients successfully manage their Salesforce estates.