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Anglepoint Value Award Winners- Q4 2019

We want to recognize the team members that have gone above and beyond to take care of our clients and the team members around them.

Josh is an awesome example of Leading the Evolution. As Elevate undergoes a major refactor, Josh isn’t satisfied with changing only the minimum to get the job done. He has gone through our code base with a fine-toothed comb, pulling out dead branches and bad code with great precision. Many of these old features have been “dead” for years, which can cause issues when attempting to make even small repairs. Instead of procrastination and coding around them, Josh takes the time to check if we need them, and then safely removes them from the code base, making the product run faster, more efficiently, and more securely. Josh is where bad codes goes to die.

Recently we finished a 19 publisher project for one of our clients. After months of hard work, the project managers presented overall findings to the executives. There were misunderstood terms and areas to improve, so our project managers went back to work. Michael took the reins and gathered a group of people to discuss what happened in the presentation and what was misunderstood so we could continue to provide value. The end is still unwritten but it doesn’t matter what it takes- Michael is willing to help to ensure the client succeeds and understands the value we provide.

Scott’s work on a large client project has been exemplary. He has been able to hone into exactly what the client wants (they are looking for a managed service SAM provider that can truly be like an extension of their own team). The client sent glowing feedback on how much he has helped them.

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