Anglepoint Value Award Winners- Q1 2019

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Erin Greer

Anyone who attended this year’s AIM conference knows how amazing this event was, but what is not as apparent is how much work went into planning and coordinating the event. Erin Greer spent months making sure that every detail would be perfect for each of us going into and throughout the event. During AIM, Erin was the epitome of “selfless," readily available and ensuring that everyone’s needs were met. The event would not have been possible without Erin’s excellent planning capabilities and attention to detail.

Pete Larkin

Pete Larkin played a huge role on the team behind AIM and showed the Anglepoint core value of selflessness throughout, even taking on additional projects and work during the conference. The event would not have been as successful without Pete’s genuine care and concern for making sure that every person had a positive and productive experience.

Scott Jensen

Since joining the Oracle team, Scott has had nothing but positive reviews from customers, partners, and his colleagues. The professionalism in his content and ability to speak to the data show a depth of credibility and further solidify our value to clients. Moreover, Scott is a solid team contributor with a “can-do” mentality, showing the core value of “Love what we do” as he takes it upon himself to create new and better content. His contributions to the Oracle program are enabling the Business Development team to present more professional/credible material and ultimately is adding to the marketability of the entire Oracle team and Anglepoint brand!

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