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Anglepoint Value Award Winners – 2022

Here at Anglepoint, we pride ourselves on our commitment to our core values: Relationships, Respectfulness, Client Success, Team Success, Innovation, and Growth.

Each quarter we nominate colleagues who have exemplified one or more of those values and pick four winners who went above and beyond in embracing our culture. The list below showcases our winners from 2022 and the positive impact they had on the people around them.

Q4 2021 Winners

Congrats to our Q4 Value Award winners: Pooja Singh, Will Harding, Will Day, and Kevin Rieske.

Will Harding
Love What We Do

“Will supports me and other new colleagues to master the onboarding professionally. Yet he himself has only been with the company for a short time and has his own tasks to manage. Will always has a sympathetic ear and supports me in finding my way in the Anglepoint world. In doing so, Will is very goal-oriented and structured, while not neglecting the human side.“

Q4 2022 Winners

Congrats to our Q1 winners: Sam Holloway, Gonzalo Garcia, Brooke Hirsch, and Braden Stringer.

Sam Holloway

“Sam has only been here a year, but in that time, he has been incredibly valuable to Anglepoint and been an amazing example of innovation. For some time now, the DataOps team has had limited bandwidth and projects stacking up, but Sam has still found time to innovate, automate, and impress. He rolled out a new Client Dashboard before AIM 2022 that has provided much needed and highly requested visibility into our clients. He has also single-handedly supported forecasting a huge project, something originally thought to be impossible.

“This innovation was made possible by Sam’s impressive strives on learning Power Automate that have allowed us to automate and explore new possibilities like project creation, quarterly check-in reporting, connecting employees across various platforms, and exporting forecast lines from CRM. Sam has also been instrumental in creating new resources to help us forecast more accurately overtime, allowing us to view how well our forecasts match our actuals and how we can adjust our forecasts to be more accurate in the future. I could name at least a dozen other high-level, innovative projects Sam has led in the last 12 months, but it would take up way too much room. What’s most important to know about Sam is that he has an innovation mindset, approaching everyday with how he can innovate to make Anglepoint better the next day and he is consistently reliable in doing so.”

Gonzalo Garcia Alcaide Anglepoint

Gonzalo Garcia

“Gonzalo consistently prioritizes the needs of others and goes above and beyond to ensure that everyone he works with feels valued and heard. He has a strong sense of empathy and his authenticity and integrity are unmatched. He is able to understand the needs of both his customers and our internal teams, delivering value that always exceeds expectations and it is my privilege to recognize his contributions to Anglepoint.”

“Gonzalo is a and empathic personality. His clients and his team love him! He always tries to bring calm to tense situations. Even if there are situations in which dialogue partners lose their temper and perhaps become unobjective – Gonzalo does not allow any negative escalation, but mediates the situation. Very high praise to Gonzalo. I am happy to have him as a colleague.”

Brooke Hirsch
Client Success

“Brooke has done an incredible job of connecting with clients to get their feedback, understand their needs, and help align expectations. She conducted a Voice of the Client interview with a client, who, near the end of the call, said, “You do a great job because these conversations can be a little bit awkward. And they’re not necessarily my favorite things to do. But I leave our conversations going, ‘That was fun.'" Brooke has made it so our clients enjoy these tough conversations and deserves to be recognized for her exemplary work.”

“Brooke has grown and developed significantly over the last year at Anglepoint. Even though CX has been siloed in the past, she made an incredible effort to meet Archers from across the company at AIM to really drive the awareness and understanding of the VOC Program. In Q4, she met with all Tier 1 clients with locked in Q1 meetings ready to go and also drove a number of GPI submissions.  She’s always thinking about how to improve the program for our clients and for our internal stakeholders, and actively seeks out feedback from multiple stakeholders to inform her approach that includes more data now than ever before. It’s a joy to work with her :)”

Braden Stringer
Team Success

“Braden is an unbelievable team player. He has a generally great disposition towards work and is always ready to help. He has supported most all of my efforts on public sector campaigns, collateral development and partner marketing initiatives. He is respectful, professional, innovative and a pleasure to work with.”

“Braden has been immensely helpful when collaborating on marketing efforts! Braden’s understanding of our services today is impressive, and he consistently takes initiative, which saves a lot of time for the SMEs involved. He may be behind the scenes, but he is a huge part of making Anglepoint look good externally because of how supportive and proactive he is.”

Q3 2022 Winners

Congrats to our Q3 winners: Achal Gupta, Anish Patel, Blake DeShaw, and Trish Smith

Achal Gupta

“Achal has shown exemplary skills since he has joined Anglepoint. He has spread his wings in multiple areas such as BI dashboard developments, MS and IBM SAM services and always goes above and beyond with his deliverables. I and the IBM team are grateful about Achal for his contribution towards IBM team during these extremely difficult times."

“Achal developed Power BI reporting for one of our major clients’ IBM products. They conveyed “this is what we have been looking for and Anglepoint hit it out of the park". He invested a lot of time to ensure he got it right. Doing the trend analysis for such a big customer was no piece of cake. With both being in two different time zones, they co-ordinated well ensuring they understand what we were expecting of them. It is a brilliant deck and I believe entire organization should get a chance to see what we can do with Power BI and how much value add we can provide to our customers.”

Anish Patel

Anish Patel

“While Anish can often come off as abrasive or gruff, I have found very few members of company leadership who actually care so deeply about the success of their team and the people that work with him as Anish. On multiple occasions I have watched Anish drop his gruff persona and pull a junior member of the company aside to check in with them, mentor them, or make sure they are ok. While he keeps a very busy schedule, Anish has always made time to offer advice and mentor me and others."

Blake DeShaw

“Blake took over the Security practice 1 week before a security webinar we had planned with one of our partners in the public sector. He inherited little content or direction for the webinar. Blake went far above and beyond to ensure that the webinar was top-notch. He learned the new federal cybersecurity mandate in incredible detail and prepared one of the most content-rich, timely, and value-filled webinar presentations we’ve had. Blake never complained but was amazing to work with throughout the process. He could have done much less, and we all would have understood given the new role and circumstances he was thrown into, but he selflessly dedicated himself to the success of not only the security practice, but our marketing, sales, and partner efforts as well."

Trish Smith
Client Success

“I have been working with Trish over the past 2 years and her ability to build relationship with my client has been paramount to help us deliver HAM processes (which is new workstream). The client trusts her recommendations and advice on how to improve the processes."

“Hardware asset manager ninja, she can do the job with her eyes closed.  I’ve heard her on calls and believe it or not, her voice is so calm and soothing when she delivers her message that I think the clients become mesmerized by her. I would like to nominate the SPD team as they have been paramount to make sure that my integration was and continues to be successful."

Q2 2022 Winners

Congrats to our Q2 winners: Sarah Marriott, Ian Beal, Mandi Sue Bleau, and Benjamin Coon

Sarah Marriott

“Sarah has been at the forefront of nurturing and developing a possible new service we can offer customers. This is a review of customers’ pirated keys. To that end, we have already had a webinar on the matter and empowered Customer Success Managers to reach out to clients on their interest level in this topic and possible upsell/cross opportunities. This is both a benefit to Anglepoint in embedding us even more into customer’s ITAM procedures and concerns, while helping clients mitigate a possible hitherto hidden risk. This would not have been possible without Sarah’s efforts and forward thinking on this matter.”

Ian Beal

“Ian Beal has been extremely influential on the development team due to his calm and rational approach to problem solving. This quarter, multiple developers have requested time to work with Ian, who can often design and implement both stopgap and long-term solutions to problems, whether he has been working in that area of the codebase or not. Due to his geographic location, he occasionally hits periods of downtime while waiting for input or design requirements (frequently because he solved a problem faster than estimated). During these times, I am no longer surprised to wake up the next day to a message declaring that he has solved some problem we have long-since written off as too difficult or tedious for us to deal with. He is a true innovator at his core.“

“Ian is one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever worked with and he is constantly looking for ways to improve Elevate. He truly exemplifies the “Innovation” value because he has a talent for anticipating future needs/improvements, and utilizes his knowledge and skills to develop a working solution for Elevate long before our team knows we need it. This has happened on numerous occasions. One such occasion was when we were working on a new page for Elevate that had a large dataset that needed to be loaded into the page. At the time, most datasets in Elevate would load very slowly and the UI had to manage with so many rows of data. Convinced there could be a better way, Ian began researching how to improve load times and usability for this page without anyone asking him to do so – he saw a need and just went for it. It didn’t take Ian long to find and implement a solution that drastically improved load times and usability. As mentioned, Ian is constantly and consistently innovating something – be it for Elevate or for our team’s workflow. I and several team members have noted this and are grateful to have him on the team.”

Mandi Sue Bleau

“MSB has been pivotal in helping to get one of our client engagements back to a good place. Her experience with FNMS specifically is top knotch and she has worked tirelessly to help all of the teams supporting that account with working with the FNMS tool. The client has specifically mentioned how much they appreciate her work as well.“

Even though MSB is the practice leader, she jumps right on in and helps where needed. In addition to Microsoft work, MSB has also taken the lead to coordinate the FNMS Licensing metrics across all workstreams. She has also supported the STIG team to ensure the flow of information between SLM and STIG which has been incredibly valuable. I love that MSB doesn’t stay in her lane or says “that’s not my job", if it needs to happen, she finds a way to get it done and I am very appreciative!!!”

Benjamin Coon
Client Success

Benjamin reviewed customer contracts to check the terms of their end of ELA reporting requirements, audit terms etc. This formed a useful basis to prepare some overall strategy recommendations that we could provide to the customer. During the subsequent call with the customer, Benjamin also provided an overview of the main relevant points in their contract. The customer posed a question concerning the deployment of product keys and possible risk even though the products were not in use.Benjamin responded with a couple of hours to the customer to describe potential risk levels, thus showing swift responsiveness and attention to the customer’s genuine concerns. A risk associated with a product was noted following a reassessment of the ELP. Benjamin didn’t just affirm that there was a compliance risk, but delved further to determine if there were avenues whereby this could mitigated. This was communicated to the customer which is planning to act upon the recommendations.

Q1 2022 Winners

Congrats to our Q1 winners: Katelyn Miles, Nishant Srivastava, Bryce Cindrich, and Brian White.

Katelyn Miles
Keep Commitments

“Katelyn is fantastic. She has jumped into the world of our client, helping with many tasks like creating the Software Whitelist, FNMS Licensing KPIs, Software License Consultancy and others. She is always so eager to support and delivers on time when she says she will. I’m thrilled to have her as part of the team!”

“There is a new process that informs our consultants and management when new tickets are raised, plus reminders and escalation paths to ensure we always meet our 1 week SLA. With our KPIs at 100% and reported monthly, I’m very pleased to report that we’ve hit 100%!!! Many thanks to Katelyn for supporting triaging the tickets and sending reminders to the consultants!”

Nishant Srivastava
Lead the Evolution

We are at the forefront of our industry, proactively automating & improving while others wait to react. Adapt or die. Nishant is one of the very few people in the world who can technically analyse and identify potentially pirated software, also known as cracks or unauthorised software. He also successfully disproved allegations made by a software vendor that avoided paying millions of dollars in penalties.

Bryce Cindrich
Lead the Evolution

“Bryce joined the team a year ago, and he’s quickly become our Domo expert, optimizing dataflows, researching beta features, and designing intuitive cards that make data accessible. Most recently, Bryce has been focusing on Domo connectors. Simply put, Anglepoint currently uses several systems that don’t talk to each other. Ops currently uses several tools to move data into the right system, but the current process is time consuming and opens the door to data integrity issues. Bryce saw the issue, and he worried about how we’d maintain the process as Anglepoint grew. This prompted Bryce to create a “Domo connector”, something that connects the source system directly to Domo. Our team has never done this before, but Bryce has now successfully done it twice! His work will save me hours each week, and because he’s learned how to create a Domo connection, we can do the same thing for future systems. Additionally, his work is published publicly for others to use."

Brian White
Client Success is Paramount

Learn how the client defines success, then deliver it. Dig in and help the client turn our insights into action.

Thanks to Brian’s help we have implemented a best practice SAM Program that links our Risk and Opportunity Assessment Reports to the client’s internal Global Risk & Compliance Risk Register tool with regular reporting to C-suite. All IT Asset Management policy and procedure documentation needed to be re-written to reflect the company’s new structure from centralised organisation to a de-centralised organisation. These 10 pieces of documentation were supported by detailed workflows and RACIs that reflects the complexity of the organisation and how the ITAM program connects 100s of stakeholders across many teams and parts of the world to deliver success. This also involved working with many stakeholders across the organisation to get their buy in and educate them on the importance of a solid governance structure to minimize compliance risk and maximise cost opportunities with software vendors. A fantastic achievement!

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