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Anglepoint Value Award Winners 2023

Here at Anglepoint, we pride ourselves on our commitment to our core values: Relationships, Respectfulness, Client Success, Team Success, Innovation, and Growth.

Each quarter, we nominate colleagues who have exemplified one or more of those values and pick four winners who went above and beyond in embracing out culture. The list below showcases our winners from 2023 and the positive impact they had on the people around them.

Q2 2023 Winners

Congrats to our Q2 winners: Kerstin Tammling, Roxana Leonte-Andone, Shona Wiens, Wyatt Gray

Kerstin Tammling
Client Success

“…I think she deserves this nomination for her decisiveness, her communication (she can do it in 3 languages: Spanish, German and English) and the security she transmits both internally to the team and to the client…Experience is the best teacher and if the experience is acquired in such demanding markets as in Germany, the result is undoubtedly excellent.“

“Kerstin is an amazing Customer Success manager, with high professional standards and who constantly puts the customer in the heart of everything she does. With one of the most challenging customers we have, she confidently took over every aspect of this multi-publisher organization and always delivers outcomes with great value for the client (and SMEs) and with respect and integrity every step of the way . It’s a privilege to work with Kerstin!”

“…Kerstin always takes the lead in understanding the client’s objectives and works closely with them to develop a customized strategy. Through her meticulous attention to detail, exceptional communication skills, and proactive problem-solving approach, Kerstin is able to successfully deliver solutions that always meet the client’s expectations.”

“…She has been an integral part of the customer’s journey from their realignment, adoption, operations and continuous improvement. Even in crucial time, specifically in this quarter, where it is SOW renewal and Anglepoint resource transitions, Kerstin has comprehensively prepared and planned these all out to have minimal service impact to the customer while capturing the customer current and future requirements. She is a valuable asset to our company that learned what the client values, capture and ease their pains and provided a glimpse of the bright future through the continued partnership with Anglepoint.”

Roxana Leonte-Andone
Team Success

“She is long overdue for this nomination. Thanks to her experience at Oracle I have been able to learn a lot about Oracle product licensing and have been able to better serve customers. She has a lot of patience with new team members and is very understanding with those who do not have a lot of experience…She always has constructive input for the team in team meetings. Her approach to the client is direct, decisive, and efficient…It doesn’t matter if she is busy but she always finds a moment to help me."

“What can I say? Roxana is a lovely colleague! However, the most outstanding feature is the quality of her work… With her structured and stringent approach, coupled with her deep knowledge, Roxana always delivers high quality results…she is able to present complex issues in an understandable way…I believe that this has contributed significantly to the Oracle team having such a good reputation…”

“Roxana is an ever reliable resource that provides her expertise and commitments at every level….She has effectively gathered customer and internal feedback and integrates it to her deliverables. Above all, Roxana values relationships amongst her peers (myself included) as a good listener and as a relatable and genuine person.”

“…The client was nervous to share the risk values outside her team, but was reassured by Roxana’s clear explanation that was easy to understand and that we had a clear plan to mitigate the risk. Great job!”

Shona Wiens

“There are so many stories of me working with Shona, she is being patience with me, every time I make a mistake, or I need support she is always there, with a great attitude she supports me and give me ideas of how we can win the deal…we were working on the contract renewal, Shona helped me with the approval and review of the 3 scenarios, the customer requested an additional deliverable, we talked and created the strategy to win the deal, we are currently in SOW signature. Shona is straight forward, always looking to help, she keeps her commitments, approves in time, and it’s just in general a pleasure to work with people like her.”

“Shona did an INCREDIBLE job managing the complex client Managed Service Renewal internally, making sure the process was followed, pricing was correct and everyone had checked it. Thank you for your patience in answering my many questions, it was very much appreciated and together we got the deal done!”

“…for all the work we did updating the Deal Generator for pricing, for countless meetings we had discussing what changes should be made and how/why, along with the training videos and updated Biz Dev Quoting guide. It was truly a team effort to further automation with the tools we have available and to create a more seamless experience for all who use it.”

Messages from Archers to Shona –

“I just wanted you to start your day know that you are appreciated!  Thank you for all you do!

“confirming that I watched your deal desk videos entirely and LOVE them!  Great work and details.” “Just wanted to say thank you for all your help and promptness with me and my crazy requests, I truly appreciate you and everything you do.”

“Thank you for all your help and support. You have taken on a huge workload and I wanted you to know I appreciate you."

Wyatt Gray

“I would like to nominate Wyatt under Improve Everything core value. In addition to his delivery workload, he never shy away from the process improvement tasks that we assign to him. Recently IBM changed their IASP submission template and it was difficult for us to make those changes manually to each report that we submit. We highlighted the changes to Wyatt and he worked to ensure all those changes are incorporated in our Anglepoint template. Also from time to time, our team comes up with minor requests for automation to the existing IBM ELP Delivery template and he makes sure to include those requests as a part of automation. He did a pricing macro which has made our lives easier without having to run vlookup for understanding risks and savings and actually get the financial impact with the click of a button which is huge for our team!!”

“Wyatt deals with incredibly difficult clients relative to his experience in SAM. However, Wyatt continues to exceed the expectations that others have of him and deliver incredible work. Not only has Wyatt taken on large client accounts, but he has done so single-handedly in most cases. He has also mentored new interns and simultaneously led the innovation and automation for the IBM team. The unsung hero focuses on the needs of others, especially his client’s success.”

“Every week Wyatt looks to take interns out to lunch who don’t have an onboarding buddy in office. This allows us to have in person interactions with our coworkers that helps build relationships.”

“Wyatt has been great with all of the interns and other members of our team in giving and receiving feedback while being open to new ideas…”

Q1 2023 Winners

Congrats to our Q1 winners: Anna Duval de Dampierre Phelan, Bogdan Molinaru, Kristian Dale Geanga, and Scott Hair.

Anna Duval de Dampierre Phelan
Client Success

“Anna became a SAP SME support for the [Client] workstream from late 2022. She immediately impressed the client with her wider scope of  publisher knowledge as well as her eagerness and tenacity to deep dive into data in collaboration with customer stakeholders. Anna has fully won the trust of the client to uncover sources of truth, and help guide them through SAP optimization efforts and help realize cost savings opportunities.”

“Anna is nothing short of amazing and exemplifies all these values. [Client] ask us, why can’t everyone be like Anna? She is best in class! She is proactive in identifying inaccuracies within [Client]’s files and has been working to validate and notify them of the problems and then walks through with them to resolve them. She has invested heavily in automation working closely with the dev team to help process the huge amounts of data received for User Profiling project. She has incredible relationships with [Client] stakeholders and internally coordinating across the SAP team, STIG and the dev team. Anna has the greatest respect from myself and from [Client] because she is technically brilliant and is such a lovely human and a joy to work with. Everyone should be like Anna :)”

Bogdan Molinaru

“[Bogdan] has proven in many situations a very good resource for either helping with a deliverable or assisting with Oracle documentation and research. With his significant Oracle background, he will always step in to solve all kind of technical puzzles that help the team in the long run. His work for [Client] has been proven to be excellent and the trusting relationship he has built with this client is just one of the many qualities that he demonstrates every day. All the above plus his professional attitude and willingness to go the extra mile for our team, giving relevant feedback with each deliverable QA, are definitely contributing to our company’s strategy and growth."

“Bogdan showed exemplary dedication and reliability coupled with his strong technical and business knowledge stepping up at a time where his colleagues in Oracle were either off sick or full of workloads. He is willing to jump on calls and topics on short notice and delivered with flying colours. He has grown well into his role and demonstrated a dependable resource for Anglepoint.”

“Bogdan is always very knowledgeable on the Oracle licensing and every time I had a question or asked for his support, Bogdan was always happy to help.  I feel that the support that he is offering to his colleagues is helping the whole team grow.”

Kristian Dale Geanga

“I am lucky to work with Kristian Dale for [Client] and very quickly saw why he deserves this recognition… Kristian has created a collaborative and respectful work environment, which he does as a multilingual in important languages. I am sure I will learn and practice important skills from him. Undoubtedly a valuable asset to Anglepoint and its client relationships.“

“Dale has shown a high level of stability…via conducting the calls or meetings dynamically and with very positive outcomes. That was my experience on [Client] where every call is different and challenging.”

“Dale has been a great communicator for [Client]. He maintains a good atmosphere internally at Anglepoint and externally with the client, and he does it in different languages. His way of conducting meetings and projects gives confidence to the client and is undoubtedly a very good asset for Anglepoint.”

Scott Hair
Team Success

“Scott’s help with the RFP process has been invaluable. His commitment to supporting Biz Dev colleagues tactically, whilst in parallel creating a best practice methodology to the RFP response process is inspiring. He has helped me specifically with 3 RFPs in recent weeks which have required significant amounts of his time and support… Every RFP process we go through with Scott feels very much like another brick in a strategic wall and I wish to thank him for his commitment to Team Success.”

“Scott has taken on assisting with RFP’s and he has done an excellent job so far in understanding the teams needs, working around busy schedules and time zones and delivered some amazing outputs. Go Scott!”

“Scott is always helpful and quite active contributor to Biz dev team documents e.g.: RFP. I have taken lot of reference documents from the RFP response folder to recreate the proposal, SOW for other customer”

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