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6 IT Asset Management KPIs to Boost Organizational Performance

Lightning Course

Learn about 6 essential KPIs that we believe every organization should be tracking to boost their organizational performance. These KPIs should drive the outcomes for the North Star Metrics your IT organization has defined.

Join this Lightning Course as our instructors, Ashlee Gohdes, Sr. Director of Client Success, and Rose-Ann Merulla, Sr. Manager of ITAM Program & Tech Transformation, dive deep into the 6 essential IT Asset Management KPIs that every organization should track.

In this course, our instructors explain each KPI by detailing what it is, why these metrics are important for your organization, and how you can monitor it effectively. On top of that, Ashlee and Rose-Ann explain the crucial importance of collaborating with other business areas and involving your Steering Committee, successful ITAM cannot happen in a silo.

Why Attend:

Whether you are new to ITAM or have been around for a while, you’re sure to gain valuable insight from Ashlee and Rose-Ann. They will help you deepen your understanding of each KPI, explain how these metrics impact your organization, and provide practical tips for effective monitoring and management.

Key IT Asset Management KPIs Covered:

  • Tool Coverage. The extent to which the ITAM tool(s) cover all assets in your IT infrastructure.
  • Software License Utilization. The percentage of purchased software licenses actively in use.
  • Entitlements Entered into Tool. The count of software publishers’ entitlements compared to the total entitlements in your ITAM tool(s).
  • Compliance. Purchase made to achieve compliance across managed publishers.
  • Time to Resolve Non-Compliance Issues. The average time it takes to resolve any identified non-compliance issues.
  • End of Life. Managing IT assets that have reached the end of their useful life or software vendor support.

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