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Microsoft Licensing Challenges

Microsoft License Management Challenges

Minimize risk and exposure, avoid costly audit true-ups, and reduce costs through optimizing your deployments and contracts.

Microsoft software is foundational to your business success but has become increasingly more challenging to manage due to:

  • Changing licensing metrics and conversions
  • Use rights tied to Software Assurance like license mobility, failover, and disaster recovery
  • Difficulty getting a complete purchase history and understanding current entitlements
  • Knowing the correct editions to purchase
  • Understanding the differences between license consumption, usage, deployment, and entitlement

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 Service Benefits

  • Avoid time-consuming, resource-monopolizing and costly audits.
  • Avoid buying unnecessary licenses and maximize your current entitlements.
  • Reduce renewal costs by renewing only what you actually consume.
  • Become proactive vs. reactive in your contract negotiations.
  • Increase your leverage in contract negotiations with knowledge of what you actually need and use.
  • Reduce and manage compliance and regulatory risk.
  • Leverage licensing experts to optimize your deployment and reduce costs.

 Overcoming Microsoft Licensing Challenges

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