Anglepoint Value Award Winners- 2021

Q1 2021 Winners

Congrats to our Q1 winners: Dean Russell, Jon Dunn, Mackenzie Davis, and Simon Pletschacher.

Dean Russell Client Success is Paramount

Dean has delivered with flying colors on a very high-profile, short-timeframe, and first-of-it’s-kind “Microsoft Contract Negotiation Support” project.  Him and his team have worked extremely long hours for weeks to make this project a success.  The client is very pleased with the work, all while they laid a foundation for this newer service line and methodology that will pay dividends for Anglepoint for many years to come.  Not to mention, he has been on other large and strategic products making time management a challenge.

Jon Dunn

Jon Dunn exemplifies the Anglepoint value of focus. In the just over a year that Jon’s been with us, our meetings set through inbound marketing efforts per month has sky-rocketed. Additionally, Jon’s focus has shown that he has a great capacity to learn and develop new skills as well as continually refine what he already excels at. It’s a pleasure to work closely with Jon and be able to communicate with him on an almost daily basis. Jon is a great asset to the Anglepoint family.

Mackenzie Davis
Love What We Do

Mackenzie has been at Anglepoint less than a year and is already a critical member of the Finance Ops team. She jumped in with both feet and is the go to person on project creation, forecast updates, expense tracking through Brex, and many other items. Specifically I want to call out that while still not here a year yet, she is working on the Project 366 initiative to improve our onboarding processes for new employees and because of her doctorate coursework, she is also helping us improve our approach to surveys and the resulting data  so that the gathered intelligence is clear and actionable.

Simon Pletschacher
Relationships Matter

Simon delivers great value to clients and builds strong relationships from Top Level Management to IT Admins. Simon is very motivated. He also has extensive knowledge of many software publishers and is able to provide comprehensive advice to our customers based on this. He does this in a very pleasant and courteous manner. All clients are very satisfied with Simon’s performance and the successes based on it for their company and trust him extensively. Therefore, Simon’s relationship management in particular should be highlighted.