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Understanding the current storage environment is key to understanding storage needs. Baseline assessments provide guidance around current usage, asset location, and asset age. These metrics enable accurate forecasting and planning. Without a solid baseline, it’s impossible to ensure security, budget, or understand usage.




Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is an important check point for understanding the true cost of storage. TCO Analysis provides valuable insight giving leverage for the end users to construct better deals and gain better discounting. The TCO also allows better foresight for budgeting, strategic decisions, and synergy throughout the environment.


The baseline and TCO are the first steps in creating a strategic roadmap for any company. The ability to design an environment and strategy to fit a budget and ever-changing storage demands requires experience. Anglepoint's experience with designing and scoping out storage strategies is unrivaled.




Implementation on a designated strategy can be challenging. Roadblocks and detours can occur at any time and dedication to the strategy and designed roadmap is imperative. With years of experience executing on strategies and roadmaps, Anglepoint can provide the exact guidance and expertise needed.


Supporting and maintaining any environment takes time and effort and many don’t see the value that maintaining such analysis can provide. Once the data has been compiled, it makes sense to continue to monitor and assess the given environment to continue to plan and build for the future.


  • Lester V, Cass Regional Medical Center

    “With Anglepoint, we have been able to identify accurate utilization information through an easy process. Anglepoint was supportive of what we needed to accomplish while respecting my time.”

    Lester V, Cass Regional Medical Center
    Manager of Information Services
  • Patrick L, Torys LLP

    Working with Anglepoint was a pleasure. I would recommend Anglepoint to any colleague at other organizations and will certainly look to engage them again going forward.

    Patrick L, Torys LLP
    Director of Information Services