DellEMC is a leading provider of storage solutions, ranging from On-Prem, Hybrid Cloud, Software-Defined, Flexible Consumption and other storage offerings. Anglepoint has nearly 10 years of experience working directly with DellEMC products – analyzing utilization, managing inventories and establishing software usage.

Anglepoint’s expertise and experience with DellEMC provide our customers with the help and guidance they need to better understand and navigate their DellEMC products. Anglepoint helps clients use products more efficiently, decrease overall spend, and increase performance.

Anglepoint helps customers understand their contracts, which can result in better leverage and utilizations, ultimately leading to great savings and more value.

With nearly a decade of experience with DellEMC, Anglepoint has gained a deep understanding of the storage market, developed the ability to forecast storage growth and spend, and are capable of creating and implementing more effective growth and usage strategies for any environment.


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