SAM is Essential for IT Defense


Year after year, Cyberattacks continue to pose a serious threat to millions of companies worldwide. But, year after year, companies continue throwing money at malware software and other solutions to patch the issue instead of finding a solution to shed light on their true vulnerabilities. So, what is the solution??

SAM Managed Services
SAM Managed Services provide you with immediate access to experts and technology to help you understand what your software environment looks like, and how you can optimize your licenses to save money and keep your environment safe.

But, how can a SAM Managed Service help keep your information secure?

1. Security Benefits
A SAM managed service can help you identify the different systems and applications in your environment. Gaining knowledge about these systems and applications is important as it will help you identify vulnerabilities and any patches that are needed.

2. Identity Access Management
Once all systems and applications are identified, organizations can use this information to manage the user access across these systems and applications and make sure there is segregation of duties and data classification applied across your environment. This helps both from a security and privacy perspective.

3. Reduce Shadow IT
SAM can help you identify unapproved and unmanaged systems and applications. These unapproved or unmanaged systems and applications can pose a significant threat to your IT environment. SAM can limit this exposure and prevent risky hardware or software from being installed.

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