Dr. Jan Hachenberger

Vice President, Business Development

Dr. Jan Hachenberger has over 20 years with the IT industry in the areas of process improvement, software licensing and SAM, compliance, quality management and customer relationship management. He is both Vice President of Business Development and head of Anglepoint’s SAP software asset management consulting practice. Jan has a proven track record in helping clients achieve goals for business process efficiencies, cost savings, and program implementation. Jan has worked on both the auditor side and the organization’s side. This unique perspective on both sides of the software compliance spectrum has provided Jan with the necessary experience to ensure his clients maintain the strongest position when confronted with a publisher audit. Jan has helped hundreds of client projects where he has assessed IT and SAM process maturity, acted as the Project Manager, or provided clarity directly to the CIO and board.

In his role within Anglepoint, Jan utilizes extensive knowledge regarding the top software publishers as well as SAM tools. He is also experienced with software contract analysis, license position calculation, project management, data analysis, tool evaluation, and team management.

Jan is based in Bonn, Germany and holds certifications from Microsoft, ISACA (CRISC, CISA) and the Business Software Alliance (BSA - SAM) as well as a Doctorate from TU Bergakademie Freiberg.