Supply Chain Optimization and Vendor Compliance

Every organization has dealings with vendors and service providers. In our experience, nearly all organizations can realize a benefit from Supply Chain Optimization and Vendor Compliance. Some of the areas Anglepoint can help are vendor rationalization, consolidation and optimization, vendor contract compliance, streamlining supply-chain and vendor management processes, and assisting in establishing best practices for more effective cost control. Some vendor contracts have self-reporting elements within them; such as time & material, cost+, or special pricing clauses incorporated in the contract. With such self-reporting elements, “trust” must be placed in the accuracy of the vendor’s analysis of the usage for billing. Our experience shows, however, that such vendor billing is rarely accurate when self-reporting elements are involved. The main cause for this is not intentional fraud, but rather a breakdown in the vendor’s own internal billing processes or confusion surrounding the contract terms. Organizations can see significant savings per year by embracing vendor compliance practices such as those provided by Anglepoint. Anglepoint has deep industry experience in procurement management and is assisting large organizations to optimize their processes, recover over-payments made in the past, and control future costs.

Where Anglepoint can help

Review and analysis of vendor contracts
- Vendor rationalization and consolidation
- Procurement and supply chain process review and optimization
- Supply chain compliance – Transparency Act (California SB 657)
- Conflict Minerals (Dodd-Frank)
- Vendor compliance audits
- Over-payment recovery
- Time & material arrangements (e.g. Professional Services, IT Outsourcing, Ad Agency)
- Cost and contract manufacturing arrangements
- Special pricing arrangements (e.g. MFC/MFN Clauses)
- Performance against service level agreements and demand for credits due

Supply Chain Compliance Leadership


Ron Brill

Chief Executive Officer