Anglepoint Royalty Audits

Anglepoint believes that royalty audits are a best practice for every licensor. Royalty audit engagements are an effective and prudent business practice to ensure completeness and accuracy of royalty reports and related payments from licensees. While conducting royalty audits the Anglepoint team will identify opportunities for revenue recovery and will also highlight potential improvements to internal controls and policies at both the licensor side and the licensee side, to ensure completeness and accuracy in future reporting. Anglepoint’s professional and experienced team conducts royalty audits in a way which not only preserves but also enhances the underlying business relationship between licensor and licensee. Anglepoint royalty audits benefit licensors in the following ways:


Anglepoint can be engaged at three levels in reviewing licensees. First, Anglepoint may be requested to conduct data analytics and contract review, using only information which the licensor already has and not engaging with the licensee in any way. This method may be used to identify potential red flags and licensees which represent higher risk than others. Second, Anglepoint may engage with the licensee remotely, over phone and email, to request data and receive clarification on behalf of the licensor. Third, Anglepoint may conduct an on-site visit at the licensee’s premises as part of a full audit which includes interviews, and examination of source documents at licensee such as invoices and sales records.
- Accurate reporting and payment by the licensee
- Noticeable return on investment (ROI)
- Greater protection of intellectual property
- Long-term improvement of business relationship and trust
- Enhanced internal controls and processes

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