The Customer

Understanding and reconciling what a customer has purchased from you historically, what the customer currently has deployed, and to what extent such deployments are actually being utilized (if relevant), is basic customer intelligence information for sales and compliance teams. Regardless of whether a sale transaction is based on a compliance issue or on an incremental customer need, the sale is enabled by having complete and accurate information. Customer satisfaction is also directly related to the quality of information upon which any discussions are taking place, whether during the sale process or part of the ongoing relationship. In competitive situations as well, having better information about the customer can make all of the difference.

Decades of Experience

The Anglepoint team has decades of deep industry experience in providing the following
sales enablement services to software and hardware companies:
Purchase History Research and Aggregation
M&A Changes, Data Source Consolidation
Purchase History Data Analytics
Trends, Red Flags, Opportunities & Predictive Sales
Customer Technology Refresh Support
Customer Leasing/Financing Analysis
Customer Asset Management
Assistance with Tools and Processes
Customer Software License Compliance Audits
Customer Contract Optimization
Customer Licensing Education
Contract Management
Maintenance Renewals Optimization
Review and Analysis of Customer Contracts
Customer Environment Baselining
Discovery, Inventory, and Reconciliation
Customer Platform Consolidation
Competitive Displacement