End-User Organizations

End-user organizations are faced with ever-increasing challenges in managing their IT assets. Most organizations are seeing increasing needs to know what IT assets (software or hardware) exist within the organization, where the assets are physically located, how they are configured, who is using them, how they are being used, dependencies with other IT assets, and much more. The above information is needed for multiple purposes, including: Cost control Asset protection Optimization and consolidation efforts Software license compliance For operational reasons including support, information security, business continuity, configuration management, and change management, amongst others.

Tracking Hardware & Software

It is becoming increasingly challenging to obtain and maintain complete and accurate information about IT assets: Lacking, inadequate, and/or unenforced policies, procedures, and processes IT asset management tool limitations Lack of knowledge and training Lack of budget and resources Complex, vague and ever-changing software licensing rules by some software providers Organizational changes on the end-user side Organizational changes on the software/hardware provider side Product migrations, name changes Lack of complete and accurate license entitlement and contract information at both the end user and the software provider Contract management challenges at both the end user and software provider side Technology changes including multi-core, virtualization, cloud, BYOD, and other.

Software Asset Management

can help not only reduce software licensing exposures, but also optimize and reduce costs Anglepoint helps organizations tackle these tough issues. We help business take inventory of their software and hardware assets, and help them develop an ongoing plan to track both Software and Hardware, understand software license consumption, and reconcile it with software license entitlement. Specifically, software license contracts are becoming more complex, with more clauses and cases addressing specific structures. Ensuring the enterprise is compliant with their software licensing contracts becomes an intricate balance of technical expertise and legal knowledge. The professionals at Anglepoint step up to the challenge every day and conquer these obstacles using real experience and expertise. Anglepoint provides services related to the following, delivered as either managed/outsourced services or as discrete projects: SAM / ITAM Program Assessment, Design, and Implementation SAM / ITAM Processes (ISO 19770-1, ITIL) Software ID Tagging (ISO 19770-2) – Strategy, Design, and Implementation Tool Selection and Implementation IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) Optimization and Data Analysis Software License Entitlement and Contract Management Software Inventory / Discovery Software License Reconciliation Software Contract Optimization