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IBM License Management Solutions

The IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) is not only imperative for any customer looking to leverage IBM’s sub capacity licensing option, but proper installation, deployment and management of the tool is paramount in creating the clarity that both you and IBM need. Anglepoint brings unparalelled expertise in the deployment and management of the ILMT tool and can help save you time and money by efficiently bringing the tool on line while also providing the guidance and insight needed to optimize your licensing environment. Learn how Anglepoint’s ILMT experience has helped Fortune 100 companies improve their licensing position and drive the benefits of sub capacity compliance, and how we can do the same for you.



Asset Management for End-user Organizations

Today’s IT environment is more complex, and fraught with more risk than ever before. However, with risk comes opportunity. Today’s leading firms are leveraging Anglepoint’s expertise to drive incredible return on their asset management investments. No longer is audit response the driving force behind implementing robust asset management practices. From procurement to deployment, asset mapping to license usage, asset management is about clarity and control over every step in the IT asset lifecycle. Learn how Anglepoint’s expertise can change your perspective on IT Asset Management.



SAP License Optimization

Global enterprises will invest more than $3.5 trillion in enterprise software in the next 10 years. Effectively, efficiently and proactively managing and optimizing this huge investment using Software Asset Management (SAM) is absolutely critical for every enterprise. This is particularly true given that most SAP customers overpay to some degree, and SAP’s built-in license dashboard (LAW) is only used by SAP to true-up, never true-down. Anglepoint’s SAP experts will work with industry leading license optimization tools to ensure your procurement is directly in line with your licensing needs and that licenses are being appropriately retired and decommissioned as needed. Learn how Anglepoint’s SAP License Optimization can build a baseline SAM program that will save you money and decrease management time.



Supply Chain Compliance

Improving purchasing and supply chain practices begins with a comprehensive eco-system review that evaluates vendors, buyers, resellers, and the rest of your supply chain against a set of standard criteria that sets a baseline for your expectations of each partner. The experts at Anglepoint will not only help you build a baseline, but evaluate current and future partners against this baseline to identify and classify everything from your most strategic partners to purely transactional relationships. Further Anglepoint will help you build reconciliation processes that build trust amongst these key strategic partners by ensuring financial obligations are met, specifically around typical vendor practices such as time & material, cost+, special pricing clauses and co-sponsored promotions. Learn how Anglepoint can help you build a stable of strategic partners that ensures you to capture the value a strong supply chain creates.



IT Security & Compliance

Information technology and data security threats are constantly increasing while compliance with security regulations becomes more difficult. As both, types of threats and compliance requirements change, it becomes harder to keep abreast of developments. Increased security complexity means organizations have to dedicate more and more expensive resources for compliance needs. Anglepoint delivers information security services and works with customers, including Fortune 100 companies to build and run successful security programs. Anglepoint offers technology services to help improve business performance, including security and compliance services.

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